“I Think the Lord is Done with Me”

A Personal Testimony


The Lord used a ‘chance’ encounter with AiG’s Web site last spring to transform the life of a highly placed administrator and faculty member at a college in the Midwestern United States.

The Lord used a “chance” encounter with AiG’s Web site last spring to transform the life of a highly placed administrator and faculty member at a college in the Midwestern United States-opening up exciting opportunities for speaking and evangelizing in his church, his workplace and his community.

He shared the following testimony with the staff at AiG-it was a great encouragement and challenge to see how God can use the “creation message” to change lives. (At the moment, the administrator needs to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of some details about his ministry.)

I came to Christ in my late 20s, after a secular school and university education. Prior to last spring, I went through some spiritual testing; at times like being “in the desert.” I was feeling battle-weary and empty after confronting the moral decay in our society without really recognizing the underlying problems. In fact, one night, I was feeling so discouraged, I actually said to my wife, “I think the Lord is done with me.”

A “chance” encounter

The very next evening, my son and I were “channel surfing” and came across the PBS Evolution series. As we watched the PBS program together, I really got worked up about what I was seeing and hearing in the name of “science,” even though I wasn’t up on all the issues. So I went to my computer and punched in “creation” on the Web.

As I scrolled through the creation ministries, Answers in Genesis jumped out because right there-before my very eyes-AiG was refuting the whole PBS Evolution series point by point, based on the Word of God and real science. I can’t tell you how much that impressed me, because it gave me the answers I needed to defend creation and my faith.

Evolution for Christmas

As someone who bought into humanism hook, line and sinker, prior to God’s amazing grace in my life, everything I’ve experienced with your ministry rings absolutely true.

If anyone had a Christian influence on me, it was my mother; yet in junior high, knowing of my interest in science and astronomy, she naively put into my hands, for Christmas no less, Cosmos by Carl Sagan. The only one thing I remember about that book, beyond the neat pictures, is the words “Evolution is a fact.” I read them over and over, and considered their implications. As Ken Ham would say, “It unlocked the door” to humanism and determining truth for myself, independent of God.

A wake-up call

Tapes and books from AiG have really cemented my interest in your ministry. I want to thank you for helping me get to the “bottom line” concerning the many “symptoms” we see of a fallen world. I was tired and discouraged, and the Lord has used you to renew my strength and confidence.

Let me give you just a glimpse of the influence of your ministry:

Connecting the dots

First, you have helped me, my wife and especially my children to connect all the dots of our faith through your emphasis-and now our emphasis-on the foundational nature of the Book of Genesis. I believe we have reached our children, just in time, through your materials. It was Phillip Johnson who borrowed the phrase (from Carl Sagan, actually) “baloney detector” to describe our need to detect evolutionary indoctrination. Thanks to AiG, my children have activated their detectors, and they are fully operational and functioning.

Record Sunday school attendance

Secondly, AiG has blessed my church with the 12-session Answers … with Ken Ham DVD series that I introduced to our teens and adults in Sunday school. Summer isn’t always the best time for attendance, but this summer was different: we added extra rows of chairs almost every week and by midway through the series, it was the largest group of teens and adults we’ve ever attracted.

Teachers and several others with science backgrounds, including physicians and pharmacists, attended. One physician said to me, “I never gave this stuff a second thought in college.” A pharmacist told me, “I didn’t even know the right questions to ask.”

Ripple effects in area churches

Another church got wind of what we were doing and invited me to introduce AiG to their deacons and elders, and they are now in their 8th week of the 12-week series. The ripple effect from just these two churches is exciting, but the Lord has provided opportunities well beyond the church.

This closing example was really the litmus test for me.

Opportunity to explain creation in a university biology class!

Several weeks ago, I was driving back from a program with a college professor, with whom I’ve had a good working relationship over the years. Well, we started talking about colleges and science programs, and the whole evolution thing fell right into my lap.

The professor was tossing out the typical hollow rhetoric of evolutionary belief, and I “respectfully and tactfully” took him to task on the definition of “science,” the notion of neutrality and prior commitments, assumptions of the dating methods, uniformitarianism, genetics and mutations. Here was a professor with a Ph.D. in biology with nearly 20 years of teaching experience, and he couldn’t even begin to defend his evolutionary beliefs scientifically-I felt sorry for him! Whenever things got a little awkward, I injected some AiG humor to lighten it up.

This encounter resulted in an invitation to present the case for creation to his biology class, which I have eagerly accepted for next month.

I’ll stop there, but I could easily go on about the opportunities the Lord has given me since being equipped by AiG.

Standing on God’s Word in a humanistic work environment

I work in a college environment where humanism reigns and evolution is generally taken for granted-and I believe this is exactly where the Lord would have me right now. While I know, like many of you, what persecution is and the meaning of the words “fear and trembling,” I want to say one more time, thank you for standing on the Word of God from the very first verse and for equipping me to do His will-I couldn’t adequately answer the call without you.

God is not the author of confusion, and AiG is confronting the confusion with discernment, wisdom, clarity and integrity. I am convinced that the Lord will use anyone who is willing to take the time to be prepared. For me, the realization that you don’t need to be a scientist to get a firm grip on these issues was important. It was also vital for me to understand that “evolution vs creation” is not about “science vs religion” but about “religion (secular humanism) vs religion (Biblical Christianity).”

I am grateful,


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