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When you’re putting together a Mother’s Day church luncheon or a weekend retreat for women, it’s easy to focus on how pink the cupcake icing is or how cute the crafts are. But most Christian women want more than pretty petit fours—they desire in-depth teaching from God’s Word. “I see many hurting women who want solid, biblical answers to the issues they deal with every day,” says Dr. Georgia Purdom, a researcher and speaker at Answers in Genesis, who is pushing for changes in the way churches treat women.

She even helped Answers in Genesis start an Answers for Women ministry (Answers ForWomen.org), believing that God’s Word is the ultimate and only authority in every area of life.

Married women can benefit greatly from Genesis since it establishes the most fundamental truths of God’s plan for marriage. And Georgia says it is surprisingly easy to make biblical teaching relevant to our everyday lives.

All women who work with children in Sunday school, etc., can also benefit from the down-to-earth answers that are readily available for the many questions children ask. Why did my pet cat kill that little bird? Were dinosaurs big and mean? Did I evolve from the monkeys, as my grade-school teacher says?

With basic biblical training that emphasizes the truth and authority of the Scriptures, women don’t have to be intimidated by children’s questions. The Bible reveals solid answers that satisfy little minds.

Based on her experience speaking to Christian women nationwide, Dr. Purdom realizes that they face crushing challenges to living out their faith in our skeptical age. “Women are tired of being fed ‘fluff,’ and they hunger for the meat of God’s Word.” And she’s delighted to help the church provide it for them.

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April – June 2012

Now’s your chance to answer every question you ever had about cavemen! This issue is chock full of the latest information about Neanderthals, Homo erectus, “the Hobbit,” and other media stars. Were they like us? How did they die? Also learn about the wonders of the sun, creatures that glow in the dark, and the reason all Hebrew scholars agree that Genesis 1 says creation was six literal 24-hour days!

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