Creation Resources Impact Yet Another Life for Christ

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Colin Cummins shares this dramatic testimony of how Answers in Genesis resources gave him answers to the most challenging questions and a new zeal for evangelism.

I have always had a keen interest in science.

When I was young I would often take things apart to see how they worked (getting them back together was the big challenge). While the other kids were playing on the swings and monkey bars I was building electronic circuits, gazing though my telescope or microscope and generally pondering the meaning of the universe.

In those days my parents were separated and my sister and I lived with our mother. Our mother was a very good person but not a churchgoer, and the sum total of the godly input into our lives was the Sunday school that we attended regularly for a period of time.

Following the untimely death of our mother we stayed for a short time with a Christian family and after that went to live with our father. We did some travelling before finally settling down in a large city in Victoria, Australia.

I went through the typical government (secular) secondary school education. I chose science subjects during that time and gained good results.

Shortly after I left secondary school my father died also, leaving only my sister and I remaining in our family.

It was at that time that my sister began searching for answers. She became involved with a local Christian church and eventually married a man she had met there.

From that time I lived a mainly mundane existence with some fleeting moments of happiness. I never found the lasting good times I was convinced must exist somewhere.

During those years my sister would periodically try to tell me about the new life she’d found in Jesus Christ and, while it all sounded interesting, I kept my distance.

However, as a result of her persistent witnessing I was ripe for the harvest when a new church came to our city and began evangelising. I first began to trust in Jesus Christ on the night of October 4th, 1987.

My life changed dramatically from that point! An excitement about God filled my life. I began to attend church and read the Bible fervently.

Although I had gone through a long period of my life professing to be an atheist, in the years leading up to my conversion I began to see that there must be a Creator. However, I had no detailed understanding of the issues then. Also, even though I had always held the name of the Bible in high regard I had never read more than a few verses.

As I began to devour God’s Word I immediately saw a conflict between what Genesis was teaching and what I had been taught at school and accepted as fact without question.

I recall going to see my Pastor after reading through Genesis and trying to make it fit with my thinking. I asked him if it meant 6 days or 6 very long periods of time. He replied that the Bible says 6 days and that meant 6 real days. I asked, “but can’t they be millions of years?”. His reply was an emphatic, “No!”

So in my mind there was a conflict between what the Bible said and what I had accepted as basic knowledge about the creation of the world. Yet, my conversion experience was undeniable so I just held on hoping it would all work out.

Shortly after that I was visiting my sister and must have explained my dilemma to her. She showed me a video that featured Ken Ham from the (then) Creation Science Foundation.

As I watched the video I was excited. The convincing scientific evidence and arguments Ken put forward dissolved all the confusion from my mind. I remember thinking that this man (Ken Ham) is obviously not trying to hide anything because he admits that he is biased just like everyone else (The question is not whether you’re biased—it’s “which is the best bias to be biased with anyway?”).

I had never read an honest admission like that in any science textbook. Years later I was to more fully understand how the science of the secular world constantly brakes and swerves in a frantic effort to avoid giving any credit for creation to the God of Creation.

There is no doubt that western society has been thoroughly evolutionised.

Anyway, that was it! Suddenly I realised that what I had been taught at school about creation wasn’t necessarily so. My zeal for God was no longer restrained.

I got my hands on as much Creation Science material as I could find. The more I read the more convinced I became that I had been misled in those vulnerable school years when I accepted without question the world view of secular science.

Shortly after my conversion I began work at a local computer software company. Whenever I could I spoke to my colleagues about Jesus Christ. It quickly became evident that the biggest hindrance for the majority of these people was their evolutionary worldview. Over the years I have drawn heavily on the resources supplied by Answers in Genesis to attempt to break into their lives and get them to realise that they are sinners in desperate need of salvation—with some success!

For example, once after having just received the latest Creation Magazine I was reading it in the lunchroom during my break. As I read the articles my faith began to be stirred—it was so obvious that God was real! The overflow of my excitement spilled out on the next (unsuspecting) person to walk into the room. I testified to him of the awesome things I was reading about God’s creation.

Another colleague came into the room and asked what was going on. Starting with the issue of Creation I was able to explain to him the good news about salvation. To my joy and amazement I had the privilege of leading him to Jesus, through prayer, right there in the lunchroom.

Also, in recent times I posted an animated GIF of a bacterial flagellum in the corner of a general information page on our company Intranet. Surprisingly, I have received many queries asking, “What is it?” and with the full attention of each inquirer have been able to give the full account of how this and many other molecular machines disprove evolution and point to the Creator God.

The resources supplied by AiG have given me great boldness to proclaim the gospel even in a largely atheistic environment like my work place. Anyone who looks at the evidence honestly can only arrive at the conclusion that there is a Creator (as in God). The problem is that most people have only been fed the anti-God version of the story.

I have a great deal of admiration for those involved in the AiG ministry, especially those scientists who speak publicly. Theirs is not an easy task and I have seen how they often encounter fierce and even scurrilous opposition.

Sometimes I wonder what might have happened after my conversion if no-one was able to shed light on the apparent conflict between science and the Bible. Without wanting to sound too dramatic the thought of possibly having turned away from God, if the conflict could not be resolved, makes me shudder to this day.

Thankfully though, from shortly after my conversion until now (thanks to AIG) I have remained thoroughly convinced that there is no conflict between modern science and the Bible. Both loudly proclaim the reality, power and supreme authority of Almighty God.

God bless you,
Colin Cummins


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