British Tour Puts AiG “on the Map!”


A live TV debate on BBC television (March 17) was watched by millions, which greatly boosted the attendance at AiG meetings that followed. Additional media coverage followed, including a major March 26 story in the London newspaper the Independent (a summary of that lengthy article will be appearing soon on this website).

The day after Ken returned from Great Britain (March 27), he briefed the AiG staff on the wonderful ministry that had just concluded. In his briefing, Ken gave a summary of the BBC TV debate, where he was the lone creationist against three evolutionists. The most vocal of the evolutionists, Professor Steve Jones, called Ken “stupid” and a teller of lies.

Professor Jones, author of a very popular pro-evolutionary book Almost Like a Whale—the Origin of Species Updated, came across to many viewers as “arrogant.” On the TV debate, when asked by Ken Ham to provide specific evidence for evolution, Professor Jones remarked “salmon speciation.” Ken pointed out that the salmon were still salmon, and would continue to produce only salmon, and that for macro-evolution to occur, new information would need to have been added to a creature’s genetic makeup.

Interestingly, in Professor Jones’ book Almost like a Whale, he said that the best proof of evolution—which is supposed to be progressive and upward—that we can see today is the AIDS virus!

Dr. Andy McIntosh, a professor at the University of Leeds in England and a creationist, declared at the end of the AiG speaking tour that the widespread media coverage, well-attended lectures (many of them to overflow audiences), and especially the BBC TV debate, were some of the most important events in the history of the evangelical church in England in recent times.


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