Wonderful Feedback from BBC-TV Debate!


On Friday evening, March 17, AiG’s Ken Ham (by himself) debated three evolutionists.

On Friday evening, March 17, AiG’s Ken Ham (by himself) debated three evolutionists. Even though Ham was outnumbered and was ridiculed (he was called a “liar” and “stupid”), the program was very well received. Here are some reports from AiG supporters in England:

  • “Just watched ‘Newsnight’ on BBC-2. The presenter said [something like] ‘in a discussion like this, it is amazing how a man like Ken Ham comes out with the most conviction!’ Over all, it went well for Ken.” – Mark McNaughton

  • “I just watched part of a British TV interview between Mr. Ham and three evolutionists. I cannot watch these programs for any length of time due to the disgust I feel at listening to evolutionists, who in this case were 3 against 1.

    “They came across as ‘fools,’ with statements such as ‘Americans are stupid,’ and ‘Australians are stupid, too.’ Thank you for teaching the truth.” – Chris Long (Webmaster’s note: On the day after the TV broadcast, a non-Christian, noncreationist viewer of the program told Ken Ham that he once had great respect for two of the evolutionists on the program, but that their poor showing and “arrogance” prompted him to reevaluate his opinion of them.)

  • “It was wonderful to hear someone who firmly believed and encouraged others to believe in God’s inerrant Word. Ken was up against 3 humanists and the interviewer, but tell him he did really well in getting his message over with clarity and dignity. Thanks again!” – Dave Williams

  • “Given the few opportunities he had to speak, Ken came across as very fair and composed, and wanting to discuss the facts, as opposed to the 3 other gentlemen who appeared rather emotional and … insulting. We hope God will use it to His glory.” – Dr. David and Karen Buttle

  • “Most excellent to see and hear Ken Ham interviewed and the Bible held up to be the Truth. How sad to hear many of those comments from the three (evolutionists). I think the interviewer was impressed by Ken. Perhaps this will be the beginning of something big here in the UK!. There is lots of work to do.” – Jonathan Brain

  • “We were pleased that God honoured him (Ken Ham) and allowed him to come over very graciously. Ken’s controlled, quiet answers spoke volumes (even to the host of the programme).” – Gordon Snook

For AiG’s summary of the creation vs. evolution debate on BBC-TV on March 17, go to BBC-TV Reveals New Evolution Debate Strategy.


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