AiG–U.K. Update: Dr. Monty White Moves On

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Paul Taylor recounts the influence and blessing of working with Dr. Monty White at the Answers in Genesis-UK office in Leicester.

An era for Answers in Genesis (U.K./Europe) ended on July 17, 2008, when A. J. Monty White, Physical Chemistry stepped down from his role as Chief Executive of AiG–U.K. At a presentation for Monty, Ian McNaughton, Chair of the Board of Trustees of AiG–U.K., and I both spoke, and there was a personal message on DVD from Ken Ham and Mike Zovath of AiG–U.S., who are both also on the Board of Trustees. Monty himself then spoke, outlining his plans for the future.

I first came across the name Monty White back in the 1970s. Shortly after I became a Christian as a teenager, I came to realise that the whole Bible, including Genesis, was true, and I hungrily devoured books that taught me more about creation. One of the most important books at that time was called What about Origins? written by one Dr. A.J. Monty White. It was through reading material by men of Monty’s calibre that I became firmly established in these truths.

The next time I came across his name was in the 1980s, when I was on the executive committee of another creationist organisation. At the time, this other organisation did not take a position on the age of the earth, believing that it wasn’t an important issue in creation, yet I had begun to think it was significant. I was delighted, therefore, to receive a copy of another book by Monty White: How Old Is the Earth? This book taught the importance of the age issue to our understanding of the Bible.

I didn’t meet Monty until 2004, when I was planning to host a Ken Ham meeting. Monty and Irene both visited the venue, to check on details. I had, in my mind’s eye, concocted a picture of Monty White as a tall, thin, austere, clean-shaven, serious academic type. I was delighted to discover he was a warm and amusing conversationalist.

Monty and Irene’s work in guiding this ministry over many years has taken it to a higher level, and we are most grateful for this. As he leaves us, returning to a solo ministry, he goes with our blessing and our prayers and remains a friend of Answers in Genesis. His new work will allow him to find time to write more books, which we look forward to promoting through AiG. I am sure that all who read this website will want to join us in praying for Monty and Irene and thanking God for their work here at AiG–U.K.


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