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Answers in Genesis will be featured on a "60-minutes"-type program over the Cable News Network (CNN)

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Answers in Genesis will be featured on a “60-minutes"-type program over the Cable News Network (CNN) this Sunday evening, March 12 at 9:00pm US Eastern time (6:00pm US Pacific time)

The TV program is called “CNN and Time,” and features in-depth reporting on national issues. On January 26, a crew of four spent over three hours at AIG. Because of the nature of the questions asked (they were phrased as statements rather than questions, putting us in the position of “defending” ourselves over recent creationist inroads around the country), we are not too hopeful about the 10-minute program being all that “balanced.” It appears that the segment will primarily center on efforts by citizens in a Minnesota town to de-emphasize the teaching of evolution in its public schools.

Please pray with us that the national exposure given to Answers in Genesis will be to God’s glory and a proclamation of His Word. Tell your pastor, other church leaders, and friends about this broadcast (and our reservations about it). At this point, we don’t know at what time the program will begin during the 9:00p.m.-10:00p.m. hour (6:00pm US Pacific time), March 12.

Answers in Genesis will have a review of this CNN feature on Monday, March 13. Please check our front page then!


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