AiG Expresses Sympathy to NASA Families

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Our Sympathy to NASA families.

All of us at Answers in Genesis were saddened to hear of the tragic loss of the space shuttle Columbia and its crew. We certainly extend our condolences to the families and workers at NASA. This was another sad reminder of how fragile life on this planet is, and the fact that we live in a sin-cursed universe. Even though death is an everyday occurrence, the fact that this catastrophe immediately became headline news around the world means that millions of people will be reminded that death and suffering must be faced by all. But what is the meaning of death, suffering and terrible tragedies that result in the death of people of all ages?

Various writers and researchers associated with Answers in Genesis have written articles in the past on understanding why there is death and suffering if there is a God of love who created the universe and holds everything together. These articles (see below), including a detailed one written specifically as a result of the September 11 tragedy, help to remind us that there are answers to understand the meaning of death and suffering in this world. Dr Carl Wieland and I also co-authored a book, Walking through Shadows, that details the importance of an understanding of the Genesis history in the Bible when coping with tragedy and death. My contribution in this book centered around the death of my Godly younger brother who died of a terrible degenerative brain disease. Yes, tragedy involving death and suffering will continue on a daily basis as long as this present sin-cursed earth exists. What a reminder this should be to all to ensure we understand that Adam's sin brought death, but the Last Adam (Jesus Christ) suffered death to bring life.

I would encourage people to once again read through the articles below and the book Walking through Shadows so that we can be equipped to show the world there are answers in the midst of tragedy, even though we mourn the loss of members of the human race.


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