AiG Blesses—and Is Blessed by—High School Student!


A letter from a high school senior about how AiG has encouraged him.

Dear AiG:

My name is Jacob, and I live in Ashland, Kentucky. As a high school senior, I am faced with many challenges regarding my faith and the Creator.

All through high school, evolutionist doctrines have been crammed down my throat, and my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ has been ridiculed without respite. The pinnacle of these attacks occurred about a week ago, when I was discussing the science of special creation with one of my friends. A passing educator overheard the conversation and told me that I was “ignorant”, and that evolution was an undisputed fact. She told me that she felt sorry for science teachers who have to cope with students like me.

It wasn’t until this experience befell me that I realized how widespread the “fact” of evolution has become. To believe in the creation of the universe in an educational setting is social suicide. I often wonder why it has to be this way, and why so few are able to embrace the truth.

As I surfed the web tonight, I came across your web page, and a great burden was lifted off my back. The articles and resources have been such a blessing to my discouraged heart. It feels marvelous to know that there are others out there who bear the same plight as myself, and must face the “cold light of science” attitude embraced by the instructional population.

I hope that one day even leading evolutionists will have their eyes opened to the faultiness of the theory and be given salvation from the Lord. Criticizing these people is necessary, but we must all realize that apart from the grace of God, we would be just like them.

It is for this reason that I will continue to pray for my teachers and peers. I am interested in helping in anyway that I can. It would be a great honor, especially for an issue of such importance. I appreciate your efforts.

Yours in Christ,

Ashland, KY

Encourage young people in your church–and Christians within your own extended family—to use AiG’s website to encourage them in their faith. For non-Christians, let them know that solid, satisfying answers are found on our site that upholds the authority and accuracy of the Bible. Most important, the gospel is also clearly presented throughout these pages.


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