Now Looking at the World Through ‘Bible glasses’

on May 11, 2000
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“I would like commend all involved in teaching the origin of man and the cosmos as explained to us by the Creator God Almighty in His Word.”

Dear Answers in Genesis,
I would like commend all involved in teaching the origin of man and the cosmos as explained to us by the Creator God Almighty in His Word. I especially enjoyed viewing the BBC interview with the three supporters of evolution and Mr. Ham. After carefully listening to the thoughts of all guests on the show, I found only Mr. Ham offering points upon which logical and rational discussion could begin. As Mr. Ham challenged the assertions of the guests' points of view, I was stunned to realize that indeed his challenges went unanswered. I was further astonished to realize that what, in essence, was said by the three guests was nothing more than a sort of mantra which suggested, "evolution is true, we have the evidence, believe it". I waited patiently for any of the guests sympathetic to evolution to answer Mr. Ham's challenges or even counter his basis for explaining the origin of man and cosmos from the Bible with substantive ideas. All I heard from any of the guests was an example of the adaptive capacity of a salmon's genes. This type of answer is often characterized by people living on the east coast of America as "lame". I think Mr. Ham employed wisdom with love in allowing the three guests who are sympathetic to evolution all the opportunity they wanted to explain what they believe and how they think. I actually felt a bit embarrassed for the pro-evolution guests at the end of the show.

You will be pleased to know that your professing the message of our Creator Christ Jesus concerning our origins and reason for being provides a kind of nourishment that truly and forever satisfies the hunger in our souls caused by our indoctrination of evolution. Those I meet in my work-a-day world give their time and attention to me as if I am meeting a vital need in their life as I explain what the Book of Genesis really says. Your cumulative work has allowed me to remove and discard my 'evolutionary glasses' and now take a look at the world around me through my 'Bible glasses'. Extraordinary how it all fits and makes sense! Thank you for your work on the ice age, dinosaurs, comparison and contrast between Genesis and the big bang theory, origin of the 'races', etc. As I pass on the answers in Genesis about these and other topics to others, I find that my secular friends are sincerely interested in and appreciative for the information. I recommend your web site and Creation magazine to them after our discussions. Your ministry is changing the lives of people and directing them toward God and hopefully to salvation through Christ Jesus. The challenges must be enormous but please never become discouraged. Let God guide you and remain rigorous and objective in your science and methods. Maintain the highest reputation and God will bless you all in His service.

Yours in Christ,
T. M.


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