It’s Dead, But Speaks!

by Ken Ham on May 19, 2014
Featured in Answers Update

It’s a dead creation, but when interpreted within the framework of true history, it actually speaks volumes!

This Memorial Day weekend, starting May 24, our Creation Museum will open phase one of an amazing new million-dollar exhibit.1 It showcases the bones of a dead animal!

But these bones aren’t just ordinary fossils.

Frankly, these are bones the secular evolutionists don’t really want the Creation Museum to own and put on exhibit! Evolutionists just don’t want children, teens, and adults to be told the truth about these bones and how they connect to the Bible!

These remarkable bones will help the museum proclaim the truth of creation as well as the Flood of Noah’s time.

Not only are we going to share the truth about these special bones with visitors, but we’re doing something else that has already been upsetting many evolutionists. This year we’re working harder than ever to get as many children to the Creation Museum as possible and have them be taught the truth about God’s Word, origins, the gospel, and, yes, fossils.

For all of 2014, we are holding our special “Kids Free” program for children 12 and under at the Creation Museum. So far this year, we have seen thousands upon thousands of kids benefit from this outreach. (All kids 12 and under come free with one paying adult.) At the Creation Museum, we are equipping students and adults with the truth of God’s Word and presenting the gospel message through a BIG variety of exhibits and films—like our incredible new exhibit of dead, but very special, bones.

OK, I won’t put it off any longer.

The bones belong to Ebenezer. Well, that’s what we’re calling this specimen.

Let me give you some statistics about Ebenezer and you’ll thus have a few hints about what he is:

  • 30 feet long
  • 10 feet high
  • weighed 2.3 tons
  • valued at around $450,000

Ebenezer is a dinosaur. But he’s not just any dinosaur! The bones belong to what was a full-grown adult allosaur. Most impressively, it had a huge expandable jaw. What makes this allosaur extra special is that of the 60 allosaur specimens found in the world, only half a dozen have relatively complete skulls—and the Creation Museum allosaur has a near-complete skull!

Ebenezer is truly a world-class specimen. We praise the Lord that it was given to the Creation Museum so that even more children, teens, and adults can learn the truth about dinosaurs—instead of hearing about dinosaurs in the context of evolution. With the use of dinosaurs, secularists are indoctrinating young people through public education, secular museums, and the media.

Children Learn About Dinosaurs

AiG supporters have generously donated the money so that the Creation Museum can place this exceptional dinosaur in a high-tech exhibit. This stunning allosaur display will be expanded over time as more research is completed on this superb dinosaur.

In technical terms, Ebenezer was found “partially articulated.” It is now being professionally restored and will be transferred to the museum in a few days. These remarkable bones will help the museum proclaim the truth of creation as well as the Flood of Noah’s time, as recorded in Genesis.

Plan to visit the Creation Museum this year to meet Ebenezer at this dinosaur’s spectacular high-tech exhibit. While here, visit the many other world-class exhibits in this unique and soul-impacting museum.

And remember: dinosaurs are fascinating to kids, so bring the children you know to the museum—and they come free in 2014! What an outreach Ebenezer and the entire Creation Museum can be as a special way to reach the next generation with the truths of the Bible—the gospel message most of all!

For more information on this wonderful new exhibit, go to the Creation Museum website.


  1. This is the value of the donated specimen and the exhibit being built to display it.


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