Creation Museum Free to Kids in 2014!

by Ken Ham on January 27, 2014
Featured in Answers Update

At AiG, we have an intense burden to reach generations of young people with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. It’s needed now more than ever.

You see, our burden comes at a time when we have observed an increased aggressiveness by secularists to indoctrinate children (even at a very young age) against the Bible. Evolution and millions of years is by and large presented as fact through the secular media and public schools. Secularists have used legislation and the courts to protect atheistic evolution in the schools. They have been censoring information from children that confirms the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

For decades now, secularists have been teaching children lies. We need to do even more to counter their efforts by reaching kids with the truth.

So as part of our 2014 theme “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids” (based on Galatians 1:4), we have decided to do something very special so we can help teach children the truths of the Bible: We will be allowing all children 12 years and under to come free to our Creation Museum near Cincinnati for all of 2014. (They must be accompanied by a paying adult; all children need to be accompanied by an adult anyway.)

AiG wants to help parents (and other adults) to bring as many children as possible to our Creation Museum to help overcome the censorship of the truth of God’s Word.

The secularists don’t want children to hear this life-changing teaching. They know it will cause many kids to look seriously at God’s Word.

It’s harder to be a parent or teacher of children than ever before. There are so many forces wanting to capture children for secular, anti-God thinking. My desire is that God will use the Creation Museum and other AiG outreaches to build a godly legacy in our children.

CreationWise: Learning a lot at the Creation Museum

In reaching out to young people, I’m once again reminded of Joshua 4. It’s the account of the miracle of the Israelites at the Jordan River. After their crossing, the people were told by Joshua to set up a memorial of 12 stones as a reminder:

“That this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’” (Joshua 4:6)

The children were to be reminded by the adults of what God had done for the Israelites. But the adults failed to pass on this spiritual legacy and the reminder. The next generation was lost to the pagan gods!

Likewise, in our culture today, children, teens, and adults are learning about fossils, rocks, the Grand Canyon, etc. and they are asking: “What mean these stones?” Sadly, our young people are being taught in schools, on TV (e.g., the famous “Bill Nye the Science Guy” program; I will be debating Mr. Nye next month), and at secular museums that these “stones” are evidence of evolution/millions of years.

We must remind children and adults of the truth of Genesis, the entrance of sin and death, the Flood, and the saving gospel message.

We must remind children and adults of the truth of Genesis, the entrance of sin and death, the Flood and the saving Gospel message.

As a child, I learned the principle of “godly generosity” from my parents. Today, AiG distributes thousands of resources each year at no cost, especially in countries where the church is starving for Bible-upholding teaching and is lacking the funds.

Although our museum is not publicly funded like many evolutionary museums that use tax money to offer free or nearly free admission to school children, we are trusting the Lord to provide the funds needed during this extra-special outreach in 2014.

Now, I wish we could allow everyone to visit the Creation Museum this year at no charge. Running a high-tech museum like this one, though, is very expensive. But we are stepping out in faith, recognizing that while we will lose considerable ticket revenue this year from families who bring children to the museum, I want to rescue as many children as possible using the creation/gospel message.

As we raise our children, may God’s inerrant Word be our foundation. The concentrated (and yes, fun) teaching you and your children will receive at the Creation Museum will help train your children in His Word.

So, let’s reach as many children as we can this year, as we fulfill our ministry theme of “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing our Kids.”


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