What Is The Lie?

by Ken Ham
Featured in Answers Update

Yes, 25 years ago, my first book The Lie was released, and it’s still in print. It’s sold over 450,000 copies, praise God!

And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie. (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Last year I turned, gulp, 60! The older you get, it seems the faster the years fly by! When I look at photos of me taken in 1987, when my wife, our children, and I moved to the USA as “missionaries to America,” and compare them to how I look today, I wonder: “What happened?!”

Well, my hair is not the only thing turning silver! You see, this year marks the silver anniversary of something the Lord has mightily blessed and has used as a major part of the launching of my teaching ministry in the U.S. Yes, 25 years ago, my first book The Lie was released, and it’s still in print. It’s sold over 450,000 copies, praise God!

The Lie

This is the book that launched Ken Ham’s ministry in America in 1987 and became a bestseller!

The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years

Many books simply go out of print after just a few years, but The Lie has remained quite popular, with new printings almost every year. I have received more testimonies of changed-lives as a result of people reading The Lie than any other book I’ve authored or co-authored.

I decided to celebrate the book’s 25th anniversary by carefully reading through it, and then updating and expanding it. We’re now thrilled to announce that this more-powerful-than-ever book is available this month in a special 25th anniversary edition!

As I read through The Lie 25 years later, I actually found the experience to be a heart-gripping and emotional one. Let me explain.

  • On a number of occasions I said to myself, “Wow. I’m using the same arguments from the Bible today as I was back then to counter the arguments of people in the church who compromise evolution/millions of years with the Bible.”

    I stopped reading and wondered why. But the answer quickly became clear. The Bible’s teachings haven’t changed. God’s Word remains the same today as it was yesterday. Yes, if you stick with Scripture, the arguments against compromise don’t change!

  • After I pondered the above observation, I also realized that the AiG ministry has not wavered! We have stayed true to a proclamation of the creation/gospel message! Whereas so many leaders in the church have been reinterpreting God’s Word in Genesis to fit with man’s fallible ideas of evolution/ millions of years, the Lord has burdened and enabled us to stand strong and maintain the purity of the message.

    Yes, we continue to stand boldly without compromise on God’s Word from the very first verse!

  • The title of The Lie is just as apt today as it was 25 years ago. You see, the book discusses the delusion that the apostle Paul taught about in 2 Thessalonians 2:11. In fact, the delusion that began in Genesis 3 (the lie the devil used with Adam and Eve) continues today. That great lie is that God’s Word cannot be trusted—and that man’s word is more trustworthy than God’s. Down through the ages, generations have been deluded by this lie.

    In this era, the teaching of evolution and millions of years is a great delusion. It has led people, inside and outside the church, to believe the lie that God’s Word cannot be trusted for its history.

    Sadly, this mindset has led to a devastating loss of commitment to biblical authority, one that has greatly weakened the church and nation spiritually. One consequence is God’s withdrawal of His blessing in this land.

  • Over the years, many people have likened the reformation message of AiG to that of a “prophetic”-type message. As I re-read The Lie, I realized that the warnings the book presented for God’s people 25 years ago have actually come to pass before our very eyes: that is, we are experiencing the horrible consequences of the church and culture not standing on God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

    Now that I have updated, revised, and expanded The Lie, I believe it’s an even more powerful, eyeopening book for the church—an essential resource to help all of us to understand the great delusion that permeates our world!

Did God really say?

The message of The Lie is the message of AiG and why we even exist! It is the message God has laid on our hearts to bring before the church! It is a vital message for our time.


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