The “Enemy” Within

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Because a part of AiG’s mission is to help bring reformation to the church, the ministry often deal with the ‘enemy’ from within.

There’s a serious problem in the church that I must bring to your attention.

Many in the church think of the “world” (e.g. the secular humanists) as the “enemy” of God’s Word and the gospel. But because a part of AiG’s mission is to help bring reformation to the church, we often deal with the “enemy” from within.

The attack from within is more dangerous and destructive than from without—you see, it’s an attack on biblical authority from those who claim to be biblical!

I’m saddened to say that one of the greatest attacks on the authority of the Word of God today in America comes from those Christian leaders who compromise the infallible Word by mixing in man’s fallible interpretation of our world.

Because of recent events, I must warn you of the deadly compromise teachings of an organization promoting what is called “progressive creationism.”

Paul gave a warning in Acts 20, which we need to apply even today: “Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers … Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples … .”

Here are just a few things progressive creationists teach, which distort the truth:

  1. Noah’s Flood was just a local event.

  2. Secular geology, with its millions of years for the age of fossils/earth and the entire evolutionary “sequence of events,” must be accepted.

  3. Secular/evolutionary cosmology and the big bang are true.

The leading progressive creationist, Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe, was thrust to prominence years ago through the Navigators/NavPress and Focus on the Family.

In its June issue, the well-known Christian magazine Charisma, which is quite influential in certain circles, published a lengthy article that heavily endorsed the teachings of Reasons to Believe and its president, Dr Hugh Ross. It stated that “Hugh Ross—like no other man of faith—is taking the gospel to the scientific community.”

The article slammed those who take a stand on six literal creation days, no death before Adam, etc., as AiG does. While the article’s writer spoke to me on the phone for about an hour about his intended article, where I explained in detail the deadly compromises of progressive creation, he had no intention of including them.

For instance, the writer knew full well that Dr Ross teaches that Noah’s Flood was merely local (which means God broke His promise). But his article just told readers that Ross teaches “why the story of the Flood can be considered true.”

Back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the idea of “millions of years” was popularized and adopted by many church leaders—particularly in England. The more the church accepted it, the more the church’s authority was undermined.

As I wrote to you recently, the traceable results of this compromise changed generations of people’s attitudes toward the Bible. Today, England is a pagan culture.

The Lord has raised up creation ministries around the world to call the church back to the authority of God’s Word in Genesis—but Satan will do whatever he can to undermine this vital work from outside the church, and from within.

I really wish I didn’t have to share the battles with you. But you need to know. Indeed, there’s an urgent need to help restore the Bible’s authority worldwide.

As we work toward that, God is using AiG to see people saved! Lives are being changed—including scientists and laypersons! For example, in late May, Jennifer of Missouri joined dozens of Ph.D. scientists, several engineers, numerous teachers, etc., who attended our science conference, Creation 2003. She wrote:

“[My] husband became a believer since the first Creation conference (he was baptized last week!). He credits the conference with helping him overcome many of his objections to the Christian faith. We would like his lost mother to be exposed to the same great teaching.”

Your gift during the summer—a time when most ministries see a large drop in giving—will help proclaim biblical truths, including the precious gospel message. Please continue to stand with us, in this fierce battle, with your practical support and prayers.


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