Big-Little Feet

by Dale Mason on January 1, 2007
Featured in Answers Magazine

Those big feet on the cover actually belong to someone quite small—someone who will soon learn to crawl, and then walk, and eventually run headlong into a culture saturated with unbiblical beliefs and dangerous distractions.

When I first saw this photo, I was reminded of the births of our four children. What an exciting time that was! In each case a little person we’d never met, and whose gender we chose not to know in advance, was delivered to my wife’s loving arms. Whispers of thankfulness were followed by her snuggling of that tiny, wrinkled newborn close to her bosom. Our lifetime responsibility for the nurture and training of these “little blessings” began anew with each delivery. As they grew into adulthood, their need for a solid, creation-based worldview was obvious.

To help meet that need among readers, we have included a wide variety of articles on the value and dignity of life. From slavery to abortion, from stem cell research to the biblical roles of men and women, the feature articles, beginning on page 18, overflow with answers to important questions our culture is asking.

As you peruse this issue, I trust you’ll also enjoy the other articles about polar bears, fractals, hidden messages in entertainment, the origin of oil, an interview with a former radical Muslim, and more.

Finally, be sure to read Ken Ham’s report on a major national poll that Answers in Genesis recently commissioned. The findings surprised and shook us. You’ll hear more in a future issue and on the AiG website.

Friend, every day there are new reminders of how important a creation-based worldview is in understanding the Bible, and in faithfully raising the next generation. After you’ve read this issue, please let me know how it has impacted you or someone you know. Although I’m not able to reply to everyone, know that all notes are read and taken very seriously. You may write to us via the Answers magazine Contact Us page.

All for Him,

Dale Mason
Publisher/Executive Editor

P.S. Be sure your subscription is up-to-date because in the next issue we’re adding 16 more pages for a special section on Noah’s Ark and the Flood. Get ready for a surprising update about the shape and seaworthiness of the boat that Noah built!

Answers Magazine

January – March 2007


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