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Something very interesting happened at the opening of our Creation Museum—and it helped reveal what Answers in Genesis is all about as a ministry.

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Something very interesting happened at the opening of our Creation Museum—and it helped reveal what Answers in Genesis is all about as a ministry. I was being interviewed by a reporter with a secular media outlet. The reporter looked me right in the eye, and (with eyes narrowing) challenged me with the question: “So, what is your real motivation in building this museum? What’s your ultimate aim?”

I said something like: “What we’re ‘on about’ is upholding the authority of Scripture and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our ultimate motivation is to preach the gospel to see people saved and won to the Lord Jesus Christ!”

Startled, the reporter blurted out, “So you admit it then?”

“Admit what?” I replied.

“Well, that you deliberately try to convert people to Christianity.”

“Absolutely,” I stated.

The reporter paused for a moment, then responded with an interesting comment: “Well, that’s refreshing!”

I confess I was surprised and asked him what he meant. He explained that he interviews many people across the nation about controversial issues. He’s interviewed groups that oppose “gay” marriage or abortion (or who try to get creation taught in schools) and many of them—whom he knows are Christians—won’t admit that their Christianity has something to do with it.

In his experience, some Christian spokespersons will say things like, “Well, we’re just trying to defend conservative values,” or, “We’re upholding what this nation has stood for and what’s best for the culture.”

The reporter isn’t fooled. “We know that many of these people are really talking about Christianity, but they try to avoid talking about their real motive.” And he appreciated the difference he found here at Answers in Genesis. “It’s refreshing to hear someone be so up-front about what they believe and what their real motivation is.”

As I thought about our conversation, a verse came to mind:

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.” Romans 1:16

Over the past few months, as we’ve had the joy to see over 340,000 people walk through the Creation Museum, quite a number of guests have told me something like this:

“I’m so thrilled to see the Christian message and gospel presented so boldly and publicly—and so professionally. It emboldens me to be on fire for the Lord and more courageous in standing upon the authority of the Word of God and proclaiming the gospel.”

Why is there such a reluctance on the part of some Christian leaders to publicly admit their real motivation when dealing with social ills? There are a number of reasons, but I believe two are major contributing factors:

  • Many Christians today are not equipped to defend their faith with answers to the skeptical questions of this age. They don’t want to be confronted with these questions that they can’t really answer—so they avoid talking about the Bible/Christian faith.
  • So many Christians have been indoctrinated (and particularly because most went to public schools) to believe there’s such a thing as neutrality. They think that if they admit they’re on about the Bible, then they will be seen as being biased—whereas people who do not mention the Bible are supposedly seen as neutral. Frankly, they need to be taught that there’s no such thing as a neutral position. As the Bible states, one is either “for” or “against” Christ—there is no in between!

I believe most Christians today have been intimidated by the secular world to think that being openly Christian is to be intolerant and bigoted. Christians need to be shown that our opponents, the atheists, are far from holding a neutral position themselves! Atheists claim neutrality, but it should be so obvious that when an atheist wants Christmas carols thrown out of public schools or crosses removed from public places, the atheist is showing intolerance (a phrase they constantly use to attack us) towards Christianity. Removing all references to God and Christ from our culture is not neutrality!!

I believe that because many Christians have not stood their ground as they should have, and have not understood the “no neutrality” issue, they have greatly contributed to the secularization of the culture.

Answers in Genesis (and the Creation Museum) has been raised up by the Lord for this day and age to:

  • Equip Christians with answers so they can publicly defend their faith—thus upholding the authority of God’s Word (and remember, “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of God”).
  • Encourage Christians to be bold in standing against the secularists of our day—to be bold in standing up for the Christian message.

All of this leads to a new witnessing booklet, The Purpose and Meaning of Life. This booklet powerfully presents the gospel (which should be the ultimate motivation of all of us in whatever we do), but unlike almost all evangelistic tools, it begins with Genesis—so that readers will understand the foundational history (e.g., sin and redemption) upon which the gospel is based.

The Purpose and Meaning of Life

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Today, most witnessing materials falsely assume that Christian terminology (like sin and redemption) is understood by the reader. These resources talk about Christ and the Cross, but often don’t explain why this salvation message is needed. And you know that without an understanding of the history in Genesis, a person will not fully understand the gospel.

I want to send you a copy of The Purpose and Meaning of Life today. It’s my way of saying “thank you” when you choose to partner with Answers in Genesis with a gift of support—of whatever size God leads you. Simply type PURPOSE in the comments box when you make your online donation, and we will mail you this new witnessing tool.

A brief note about the secular reporter I quoted earlier: he listened very intently when I walked him through the museum and explained its messages in detail. Who knows how God will use that in his life? But at least he heard the gospel, beginning with its foundational history, and I believe he certainly understood the message by the time we finished.

Thanks for joining with us in this ministry that equips Christians with answers and helps embolden them to proclaim the gospel.

Remember to include the word PURPOSE in the comments when making an online donation so we can mail you the booklet The Purpose and Meaning of Life.


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