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“Top tens” of the creation/evolution debate, Video On Demand, Expelled, and more!

“Top Tens” of the Creation/Evolution Debate

There’s something about “top ten” lists that makes them so popular: not only is the information easier to digest and remember, but the ranking of the items is an interesting bit of information in itself. “What’s number one?” everyone eagerly wonders as they wade through the list.

Evolutionists have top ten lists, such as “Top Ten Creation Myths” (hosted by LiveScience). So we figured it was high time for our own top ten list, the first of many. This month we get started with Top Ten: Evolution Myths—coming soon!

In the new campaign, we take on ten of the most repeated “evidences” of evolution (you’ve heard them before!) and explain why they’re outright myths of evolution. Don’t miss it!

Feature of the Month

We certainly hope it’s a feature of our website known to every visitor that comes through: our free Video On Demand section, launched two years ago and redesigned just this year.

Each week, we add one more installment of a popular Answers in Genesis DVD. The videos are then archived by title. You can even create playlists so your videos play in sequence.

Video On Demand is a great way to learn Bible- and creation-upholding information from excellent, educated speakers, either for personal or group use or as a preview to buying the DVD. If you have unsaved friends or family members (and who doesn’t?), these free videos can be more enticing than an article yet still present gospel truths, along with helpful pictures, diagrams, and other imagery.

So be sure to visit the Video On Demand section soon (there’s even an RSS feed)!

Also, last month we alerted you to an upcoming feature on the site: a miniseries refuting alleged biblical contradictions, week after week. The project is underway, and you can read the first articles at Introduction and Meat of the Matter. More to come!

What’s in Store for this Month?

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Order your copy of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed today!

You read about it and you may have seen it in theaters: Ben Stein’s powerful documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which takes a close look at the loss of academic freedom as part of the rise of evolutionary theory.

Stein leads viewers through a series of personal encounters and eye-opening interviews (plus comical excerpts from old movies) to meet many people who have been expelled from their positions or otherwise punished for not accepting evolutionism. Along the way, he gives a chance for rebuttal from such evolutionists as Richard Dawkins. All in all, it’s a must-see documentary.

And even if you’ve already seen the film, we encourage you to use it as a powerful resource for outreach. The film is an excellent springboard to telling people who the real intelligence behind the universe is: the Creator God of the Bible. Buy an extra copy and tell your pastor that the whole church—including the teens—must see it!

Don’t wait—order your copy of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed today!

(P.S. Although we’d love to be able to put this film on our Video On Demand page, that won’t be happening, since the film was not made by Answers in Genesis. So don’t wait for it!)

Question of the Month

S.P. from Fort Covington, New York, writes to ask:

I direct a ministry that is targeting every home in the USA with the mass mailing of gospel literature. I was convicted upon hearing talks by Ken Ham that we should be using creation evangelism to reach this generation. We would like to publish or purchase something of this nature on the reading level of today’s public that would engage their interest and lead them a few steps closer to Christ. Can you recommend any books of around 64 pages and no greater than 5x7 in dimension? Thank you so much!

We actually have an entire section of witnessing tools in our online store. Such booklets come in a variety of sizes and lengths, from three-panel brochures to full books. Many tract-sized booklets are available in 3.5 x 5 inch size, although they usually run closer to 20–40 pages. For example, see our popular pack of Q&A booklets.

We hope that helps! Stay tuned for next month’s question, or ask one of your own!

Did You Know?

According to website ranker Alexa, the top five countries for Answers in Genesis web visitors are (drum roll, please): the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada.

However, interestingly enough, Answers in Genesis earns its best web rankings in a different set of five (with two overlapping): the United States, the Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, and Peru.

We welcome visitors from around the world to our site—and call attention to our Answers Worldwide section, home of information on international outreach and translated materials.

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