How God Is Using Answers Bible Curriculum to Change Lives

by Ken Ham on July 22, 2013
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More and more people are telling me that their church is using the new AiG Sunday school curriculum, Answers Bible Curriculum.

I so wish you could be with me when I speak at various church conferences, Christian conventions, and so on. After I speak, numerous adults, teens, and children come up to speak with me—and the testimonies I hear from them in regard to how this ministry has impacted their lives are astounding.

I’m writing this letter while in Omaha speaking at a homeschool convention. One lady told me she was one of those “Already Gone” kids (referring to my book by the same name). She said that even though she was brought up in the church, she really wasn’t a Christian until she came across AiG resources.

Through the impact of the those resources, she committed her life to Christ and now is bringing her children up using AiG resources so they don’t go through the same struggle she experienced. What a thrill to see her, her husband, and their children after my keynote session in Omaha.

A man came up later and told me that he really struggled with Christianity, but it was the AiG ministry that God used to turn his life around. He wanted me to meet his wife and children. He couldn’t thank me enough for what the ministry did for him and how it has changed the way he is leading his family and raising his children.

The Reason for Answers Bible Curriculum

Something else I have noticed in recent times—more and more people are telling me that their church is using the new AiG Sunday school curriculum, Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC). Many families have also told me they adapted it for their home Bible study.

In fact, many thousands of churches and families across the nation are now using this curriculum. Before I share just a sampling of the testimonies we receive, let me take you back to 2009 and give you the background as to the “evolution” (the correct use of the term!) of the ABC curriculum.

In that year, we published the book Already Gone, which detailed research into why two-thirds of young people leave the church by the time they reach college age. If you have never read Already Gone, I strongly urge you to do so.

The independent study that was done and published in Already Gone also clearly showed that those who will leave the church start doubting the Bible at a young age—we are really losing them as children as those doubts about the Bible’s trustworthiness begin to play on their mind.

We also found most homes and churches don’t teach apologetics—generations of children and young people (and adults) have not been trained to defend the Christian faith against secular attacks.

And as I have traveled around the US (and other countries), I have heard over and over again from Christians that their Sunday school material isn’t reaching the kids.

Interestingly, in chapter 2 of Already Gone, we detailed aspects of the research on those two-thirds who left the church in regard to Sunday school. The study revealed that those who regularly attended Sunday school as children (at conservative churches) were worse off spiritually and morally than those that didn’t!

Today, the word story has come to mean a fairy tale.

This sounds shocking to many—but one can’t ignore the research results. Sadly, a lot of Sunday school material is what I call “fluff and stuff.” It is very shallow and really just a collection of stories with moral and spiritual topics. And today, the word story has come to mean a fairy tale.

As a result, we at AiG were really burdened to produce a really “meaty” curriculum for all ages—and totally integrated (so all levels study the same topics) to enable families to discuss what they have learned together.

But we didn’t have the funds to do this, but we stepped out in faith to begin the process—and as we did, God’s people began supporting this project.

We’ve never had more than what we need—but with a small dedicated staff who have worked so sacrificially, we were able to launch the Answers Bible Curriculum this year. The ABC curriculum is a three-year, totally integrated Bible curriculum: A for apologetics; B for biblical authority; and C for Christ-centered.

How Our Curriculum Is Being Used in Churches and Homes

It’s still a step of faith as we continue to write and produce the curriculum. But now thousands of churches and families are using it—and it is impacting lives in an amazing way.

Here are samples of some of the many testimonies we have received:

Garrett is a 16 year old who started coming to our church and participating in our youth group right after my wife and I got back from visiting the Creation Museum (which inspired me to use various AiG materials in my teaching times). Since switching to AiG’s apologetics-based curriculum, we have seen a change in our group.

When Garrett received Christ, he made this statement to our church: “Growing up, I have always been taught to believe in God and the Bible, but until now I’ve never been given the evidence that the Bible really is God’s Word, and there is evidence that the Bible’s history is true.”
– A.M., Geneva, AL

I cannot express enough what a blessing this curriculum has been to my family, my own walk with the Lord, and the children’s ministry that I head. We’ve actually experienced something rather unheard of in children’s ministry. I have had teachers upset (in a loving way) when their “week off” comes up. They love teaching your materials, and don’t want to miss a week. So, thank you a million times over for all of your hard work.
– T.B., Rocklin, CA
Hi! I’m a homeschool mom and I recently purchased Answers Bible Curriculum for my kindergartener and preschooler. I love love LOVE it! We’re in the second week of it. My boys really enjoy the activities and the songs! The songs are our favorite! Thank you so very much!!!!!! Thank you for writing this curriculum and for all you do at AiG.
– M.G., Beaverdam, VA
We use your curriculum for our Children’s Ministry at my church and I have yet to see anyone unimpressed by how well planned it is and how unwavering from the truth is. We’ve taught 3 year olds about the trinity, and they get it! Thanks for what you do and your amazing work for our children!
– J.E. (from Facebook post)
I want to thank AiG for such an amazing curriculum. As Christian parents we want our children to believe in God and serve Him, but we often fail at teaching them God’s word and how to defend their faith. Answers Bible Curriculum provides an invaluable tool that enables us to equip our children to defend their faith against the common opinions that deny the veracity of God’s truth. I have been teaching the Bible at my church for four years. But, my most rewarding class is my own family.
– F.N., Orlando, FL

I wanted to say “Thank You” for the ABC Sunday School curriculum and your resources as a whole. My husband pastors a church in Ellwood City, PA. Since September have been using the Answers Sunday School material. WE LOVE IT!!! It has really opened up people’s eyes to the amount of ’Greekness’ they have absorbed over their lifetimes.

The children in our church are getting a solid foundation, especially those who are going to a public school. The family devotion is excellent reinforcement at home, and it is great that we are all on the same topic every week even though the grades vary. We tell anyone who will listen about your organization and resources. Blessings as you continue to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.
– C.M., Ellwood City, PA

We won’t know until we get to heaven all the lives that have been impacted by this curriculum and by all the other facets of the AiG ministry.

To those who are part of the AiG family, this is part of your legacy, too. We could not impact these lives if you did not support us prayerfully and financially.

We continue to step out in faith to provide the resources in an age when so much that happens in churches today is not reaching the coming generations with the “meaty” teaching they need to defend the Christian faith and to stand boldly, unashamedly, and uncompromisingly on the authority of the Word of God. In all this, our aim is (as it has always been) to equip God’s people and to lead people to the gospel of Jesus Christ so they will be in heaven with us.


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