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Fully 25% of the people surveyed said that both creationism and evolution are “probably or definitely true”!

America is confused. Last June, USA Today published the results of a Gallup poll on what Americans believe about the origins of human life. Fully 25% of the people surveyed said that both creationism and evolution are “probably or definitely true”! So, in essence, they believe that the world is probably or definitely millions of years old and only a few thousand years old. They believe that human beings descended from lower forms of life over a long period of time and that God created us specially in a single act.

I’ll tell you what I think is really going on. I think people are looking around them at the wonder of our created universe and can’t imagine how this could come to be without an intelligent, creating God. But they’ve been told too many times that science has proven God wasn’t involved. They’re intimidated, so they’re trying to believe two contradictory things at once—what their heart knows is true about our world and ourselves, and what modern culture tells them they have to believe.

A quote from the USA Today article is a case in point. Several presidential candidates said in a debate on May 3 that they don’t believe in evolution. Lawrence Krauss, a scientist at Case Western Reserve University (and our Creation Museum’s most vocal critic), responded in the USA Today article that, “Evolution happened whether or not a candidate believes in it,” and that these candidates were letting “religious or ideological beliefs trump reality.”1

Once again evolution is presented as reality, while viewing the world through the lens of God’s Word is presented as a refusal to face facts. It’s no wonder most people are afraid to speak out. And the opposition is only going to get worse.

In a previous article I told you about SPEEC, just 25 miles away in Cincinnati, and their campaign of increased evolution indoctrination caused by the “threat” of the Creation Museum. They’re not the only ones—the Field Museum in nearby Chicago is hosting an enormous temporary exhibit on the life and work of Darwin, to “rally public support for time-tested principles of science as they come under religious attack.”2

Our museum is right out there in the middle of the fray, presenting a God-honoring viewpoint in a compelling, well-documented way that has a lot of the bigger museums losing sleep! And we should be right out there proclaiming what we know—that’s where Jesus spent His time, after all . . . right in the middle of the “hot topics” of His day, like healing on the Sabbath and whether or not Jews should pay taxes to the secular government. But it doesn’t make for a quiet life. We have to be constantly responding, teaching, and seeking new ways to share the truth.

Without God’s provision through good friends like you, we could never have the tremendous, varied outreach we have today—and continually develop new resources to share with the world. Recently, your generous support has been a part of several exciting new projects:

Amazon Expedition

This new VBS program promises to be our most successful ever! The kids who took part in our “test run” this summer were so enthusiastic and loved all the songs, dramas, and crafts as they learned more about the 7 C's of History (the same teaching theme we use at the museum).

Continued “Evolution” at Creation Museum

On Independence Day we unveiled the new dinosaur exhibit at the museum, a two-level room chock-full of dinosaur sculptures, fossils, and more that didn’t find their way into the main body of the museum.

New AiG Geologist

Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, one of the world’s most respected creation scientists specializing in geological studies and a major contributor to the flood-geology room at the museum, is our first full-time PhD in the field of geology. His addition to our staff should be an unequivocal sign to the academic world and the media that serious research is being conducted at AiG. Be prepared to hear a lot more from him in the days and weeks to come about an exciting new project he’s been working on.

Milestone in Mexico

Last June, I spoke at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church in Cozumel, Mexico, and we presented the church with sets of our new Spanish DVDs. We encouraged everyone at the church to copy the DVDs and hand them out to as many people as possible (because many of their neighbors wouldn’t be financially able to purchase them), and we’re hoping that from beginnings like this, the DVDs will spread throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

And of course, our core ministries of radio broadcasts, Internet resources, Answers magazine, and more continue to reach out to thousands of people every day!

The next few months promise even more important steps forward in the work of sharing the true creation story with the world:

New Darwin Book

I’ve just introduced my next major book, co-authored with Dr. Charles Ware, Darwin’s Plantation: Evolution’s Racist Roots. Every new book I write is the product of much research, prayer, and support from the whole AiG family. Thank you for continuing to support the ministry so that I have the time and resources I need to address this important topic of racism!

Internships for International Visitors

As you know, one of our goals is to share the message of the Seven C’s and all the other wonderful truths of creationism with the world. That’s why we’re so excited to set up internships for international visitors to the museum, to equip them for creation evangelism in their own countries and send them home with plenty of information and key books. Please pray about this new program, which will depend so much on the funding we’re able to raise since most of these visitors can’t possibly afford to make the trip from Third-World nations or purchase the materials on their own.

We thank our supporters, who are with us on the forefront of defending God’s Word against the attacks of humanism. It’s not always a comfortable place to be, but when we’re where God has called us, that’s always the right place to be! I hope whenever you support AiG, you’ll remember that because you’re a friend of this ministry, thousands of people are better able to defend the authority of Scripture, and more are learning every day!

I hope we can also count on your support again today. Eventually, the Creation Museum will be self-supporting, especially if such tremendous numbers of people keep visiting (we’re averaging 1,600 people a day, but we’ve had as many as 3,960 in a single day since opening day). But like any other start-up venture, it needs a little more at the outset.

Will you keep up your gracious partnership? Any gift God leads you to send today, large or small, will be an enormous blessing to our core ministries and new projects alike. Our culture is asking questions . . . there’s never been a more crucial time to give them the answers in Genesis, and you can make a difference today!

I don’t mind telling you that sometimes when I’m in front of the media, my heart pounds and I feel very inadequate for the task laid before me. But then I feel your prayers as a hedge of protection around me, and I know that God will provide the words I need. Thank you so much for all of your support.


  1. Jill Lawrence, “Poll Shows Belief in Evolution, Creationism,” USAToday.com, June 7, 2007.
  2. William Mullen, “New Field Exhibit Takes on Darwin Detractors,” ChicagoTribune.com, June 13, 2007.


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