Are We Alone?

Life in Outer Space?

by Ken Ham on July 28, 2021

Part 3



This is Ken Ham, producer of the family-friendly Answers Bible Curriculum . . . now for homeschool.


Scientists recently sent a rover to Mars as part of the continuing search for life. This search has been ongoing for decades, but so far it’s turned up . . . nothing.

Evolutionary scientists are desperately looking for signs that we’re not alone. But they’re overlooking the clear evidence all around us!

You see, Romans one says it’s obvious from creation that God exists. The information system we call DNA is an obvious sign of a designer. And the beauty of the heavens is clearly God’s fingerprints.

We’re not alone, but it’s not because there are aliens. It’s because there’s a Creator, Jesus. And he hasn’t left us alone—he stepped into history to save us.

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