Flood Legends—They Confirm the Bible

Flood Legends

by Ken Ham

Part 2


This is Ken Ham, on a mission to help ignite a new reformation about God’s Word.


Cultures all over the world have flood legends. Now, these legends confirm God’s Word and the account of the global Flood. After all, there had to be a real Flood that inspired all these similar legends.

One legend comes from a people group in Tanzania. It tells of an old man, his wife, and their son and daughter-in-law. All of the world’s water in lakes and oceans hung in a small pot in their hut, and it was not to be touched. But the curious daughter-in-law touched the pot and it smashed, causing a flood. All the people and animals on Earth drowned.

Of course, this account doesn’t match the true account found in the Bible. But it does point toward the time when there really was a global Flood.

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