Such a Big Ship!

Was the Flood Global?

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This is Ken Ham, inviting you and your family to visit our life-size Noah’s Ark.


If you have been to see our full-size Noah’s Ark south of Cincinnati, your first thought was probably “Wow! The Ark is huge!” Most people don’t realize how big the Ark actually was until they see it for themselves.

Now, why did Noah need to build such a big ship? Well, because he, and his family, the land animal kinds, and a years’ worth of supplies needed to be on board. And there was even room if others would repent and join Noah. But no one did.

Some people think the Flood was just a local event. But why would God ask Noah to build such a massive ship if it wasn’t needed? The animals and even people could have just moved away.

No, it was a global event, a worldwide Flood!

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