Jesus Is God

Jesus must be viewed as God by virtue of the facts that He has the names of God, the attributes of God, and the authority of God; He does the works of God; and He is worshiped as God. Our triune God is an awesome God!

Jesus Was Creator not Created

Does it really matter whether or not we believe that Jesus is God? Yes! If one places faith in a false Christ, one that is not described in Scripture, then can this false Christ save them? In today’s culture there are people teaching that Jesus was a created being.

John 14:28 a Contradiction to Christ Being Equal with God?

What are we to make of Jesus’s statement in John 14:28 that “My Father is greater than I”? Simply put, in His humanity, Christ is lesser than God the Father; but in His deity, He is equal.

Jesus’ Appearances in the Old Testament

Jesus Christ has been actively involved in the world from the very beginning. So the question arises, “Do we see Jesus anywhere in Genesis?” Yes! These pre-incarnate appearances of Christ are called theophanies.

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