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Top 12 Spoken Languages

Goal: To have Ken Ham’s creation mini-series six-DVD set translated into one of the top twelve languages of the world.


The international outreach of Answers in Genesis is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28. Since its inception, AiG has had a great heart for missions and in recent years has organized that desire under one team.

The purpose and goal of AiG’s international outreach is to take the message of biblical authority and the trustworthiness of Bible history to the world. In doing so, we embolden the global Christian with “answers for his faith” (1 Peter 3:15) and challenge the six and a half billion people on this planet with the truths of the Bible.

We are working with national Christians and missionaries in over 100 countries around the world and are now translating AiG books, DVDs, radio broadcasts, and presentations to over 76 languages.

Carrying the Message

So far, we have been privileged to train leaders from Israel, Albania, Saipan, Slovak Republic, China, Brazil, Moldova, India, Australia, Portugal, Russia, Malaysia, Hungary, Scotland, the Philippines, Japan, USA, Jordan, and Canada—a total of 19 different countries. Most of these have held creation conferences and meetings in their own countries, and are also involved in translation. The international training is about teaching people the message that God has given to Answers in Genesis for today’s world.

Our CEO and president of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, has two significant messages that correlate with our global mission and have captured the hearts of our international trainees.

  1. One Race, One Blood. Genesis 9-11 reveals that the diverse people groups spread across this world have emerged from the confusion of languages (and thus isolation of gene pools) at Babel. When Paul said that God made all mankind of one blood (Acts 17:26), he understood that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for the entire, global human race.
  2. Creation Evangelism. The gospel is the most important message in the world. Too often people hear this message but do not understand its importance, and too often the reliability of the gospel is questioned due to the skepticism of this scientific age. When we can defend the biblical history presented in the first chapters of Genesis, then we are able to contextualize humanity’s global need of the gospel. Additionally, if the Bible’s history can be defended as reliable, we can have greater confidence when presenting the wonderful news that Jesus is our way of hope and salvation. If the book is trustworthy, so is its message.

Our international outreach is about equipping people for international missions to take a foundationally strong and contextualized gospel message—with the goal of strengthening the global church and making disciples of every tribe, tongue, and nation. This is truly an exciting, global mission of the gospel for our scientific age.


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