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Have you ever considered how marvelous the human body is? Nothing else in the universe is quite like it! The body is delicate yet powerful—incredibly complex but at times elegantly simple. Of all the things our Creator made, our bodies seem to be the most awesome and intricate. Only the hand of the Master Designer could shape and mold something so incredible.

Have you ever wondered how it all works?

How do cells work? What exactly is an organ? How do muscles function? How do organ systems work together? How does a broken bone heal? We all have questions about our bodies.

Wonders of the Human Body, volume one, recently published by Master Books, takes readers on a journey from cells to tissue to organs and explains how they all work together. The author, Answers in Genesis speaker and writer Dr. Tommy Mitchell, is a medical doctor with many years’ experience.

Volume one begins with an introduction to anatomy and physiology. Did you know the human body has over 200 different types of cells? Dr. Mitchell starts with the basic components of the body—cells and tissues—and then explores the bones and muscles that hold the body together.

Did you know that the body has 206 bones, and 54 of them are in our hands and wrists?

Did you know that the body has 206 bones, and 54 of them are in our hands and wrists? Did you know only one bone is not connected to another bone (the hyoid bone, located in the neck as an anchor for the tongue)? The book explains the purpose behind each specially crafted part, unveiling the wonder of each one’s design.

Dr. Mitchell describes what happens not just when the parts work correctly but also when they are damaged by illness or injury. That is a wonder all by itself, showing God’s gracious provision for us in our fallen world.

The human body is the Lord’s creation. Psalm 145:10 says, “All Your works shall praise You, O Lord.” Throughout its richly illustrated pages, the Wonders book gives honor and praise to God, the Creator of the universe. The world insists that the human body is merely a chemical accident, that this incredibly complex living machine created itself over millions of years. However, the more you understand how the body works, the clearer it becomes that only one option explains the human body: the Creator.

In the coming years, volumes two through six of the Wonders of the Human Body series will also be released. As you explore the remaining organ systems in the body, you will see we are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

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