The Christmas Story

At Christmas time, we celebrate the day that the eternal Creator entered His creation. The Creator who stretched out the heavens was laid beneath them in a manger. Because of Jesus’ birth into this world for redemption, the sinner can be born into the family of God.

The War on Christmas

Today, conflicts surrounding Christmas include: refusals to allow staff to say “Merry Christmas” in government offices, public schools, stores, etc.; the forced removal of Nativity scenes from public places; and even claims that Christmas was originally a pagan idea!

Christmas Lights

On the first Christmas morning, the lights that shone weren't from electrons passing through a filament. Rather, the sky was alive with cascading beams of brilliance from a host of angels proclaiming something extraordinary!

Clearing Up Misconceptions

Jesus Christ is the main reason why many believers celebrate Christmas. But there are many conflicting reports concerning the source of certain traditions. Some claim the Christmas tree has a Christian origin while others believe it has pagan roots.

Articles About Christmas


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