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by Dale Mason on April 1, 2014
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Dale Mason

Illustration by Dave Ham

Dale Mason, Publisher

Creation has been in the news a lot recently. The Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate (page 30) and Answers in Genesis’s plans to build a life-size Noah’s Ark have the media scratching their heads. We love reporting such news, but the primary purpose of this magazine is to equip you with practical answers so you can confidently communicate the gospel and show that the Bible is true. If we can’t trust the Bible’s account of creation, why would we trust its account of Jesus’s Resurrection (page 34)?

Recently a highly skilled market researcher with many years of experience surveying Christians on various issues told me Christians desperately need a very down-to-earth overview of geology; something that will help average churchgoers easily connect rock layers to the pages of the Bible.

I was a bit surprised by the passion he expressed yet delighted because one of the articles in this issue, “Noah’s Lost World” (page 80), is almost exactly what he was talking about.

Did you know that the earth’s surface—the arrangement of continents and islands—once looked completely different than it does today? That’s not some fringe belief; it’s agreed upon by evolutionist and creationist scientists alike. At one time the earth had a single supercontinent.

What happened to change things so drastically? This article gives a biblically consistent explanation for the catastrophic movement of continental landmasses. The rocks and sedimentary strata across our globe are hard evidence confirming what the Bible documents about the worldwide Flood.

It is an account of history strongly supported by exhaustive computer modeling and geologic observations. And it’s so easy to read that you’ll likely finish it in less time than it takes to eat your next fast-food lunch.

If my colleague is right—and he usually is when it comes to understanding what people want and need—you need to read this article. And once you do, be sure to share it with a friend. He needs it too!

All for Him,

Dale T. Mason, Publisher

Ken Ham

“People love to hear about the marvels of design, such as the butterfly’s amazing metamorphosis, and it’s easy to show how this is evidence for a Designer. But that is not enough. In the process, we need to explain exactly who this Creator is, revealed in Scripture, and how He came to earth to die for sinners. Springtime and Easter is a perfect time to point people to the saving God revealed in Scripture!”

Ken Ham, President/CEO, Answers in Genesis–USA

Illustration by Dave Ham

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April – June 2014

A closer look at the Genesis Flood account reveals a beautifully written, unified narrative that points to one inspired author. The passage masterfully highlights one central message: “God remembered Noah.” Along with in-depth articles on the Flood, this issue shows biblical and historical evidences of Christ’s Resurrection, new discoveries about the miracle of a butterfly’s metamorphosis and much more!

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