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Dr. Dennis Rainey is cofounder, president, and chief executive officer of FamilyLife, a family-focused subsidiary of Campus Crusade for Christ Intl. He is heard daily as cohost of the national radio program FamilyLife Today. We recently chatted with him about the role of creation in his ministry to families.

Dennis Rainey

How does biblical creation affect marriage and the family?

God made us male and female in His own image. He commanded us to be fruitful and multiply. God, not man, created marriage. In today’s culture, it’s an issue of who do you believe. Who is going to be the authority in your life?

How has biblical creation been evident in the ministry of FamilyLife?

I believe the best—and frankly the only—basis for how you view your life is the Bible. We teach it every day and give people confidence that God said it and they should believe it, even though they may not understand all its nuances.

What results is FamilyLife aiming for?

The goal of FamilyLife is to equip singles, engaged couples, and married couples to build their marriage according to God’s design. The crowning glory of creation is when God made man and woman in His image. He has allowed us the privilege of reflecting Him to a fallen planet.

Do you see movement away from Genesis in the church?

I think we need only to look at how this culture is trying to erase the distinction between men and women, between husbands and wives, and not allow them to be a representation of their Creator, but instead, a representation of the world and purposeless living. We have to counter these messages that are coming at our youth and intensifying.

Do you see any encouraging trends in the Christian home?

Absolutely. I see a resurgence of people who are trying to come to grips with what they believe and stand firm on the Bible in a winsome, Christ-like way to reach their neighbors.

Do you have any practical pointers for young parents?

Determine what the Scripture teaches. Whether that is about creation, being a man, being a woman, or moral issues—decide what you are going to base your life on. Roll up your sleeves and begin to teach your children, over and over again, what you see the Bible teaching. Teach them that the Bible is the source of life, along with a relationship with Jesus Christ. Your children need it for everything that they are going to face. And do not quit. Keep your marriage vows—do what you promised. Your marriage is important to God, and it is important to the next generation.

—interview by Paul J. Scharf

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