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  • Reuters: Birds and Bees May Be Gay: Museum Exhibition

A new exhibit in a Norwegian museum is pushing the idea that homosexuality is natural. The exhibit, “Against Nature,” references examples of homosexual behavior, which the exhibit’s designer claims has been observed in 1,500 animal species.

But one might ask, is adultery/polygamy ‘natural’? Or for that matter, is murder natural? Is theft natural? All these behaviors are common among animals, and so in some sense, are “natural.” Humans dwell in natural bodies that are predisposed to sin because of the Curse. So many people could attempt to justify sin by claiming that it’s “only natural.” Why not be cannibalistic? Praying mantises are, after all!

Showing a behavior to be natural is not the same as showing it to be right.

Even ignoring the animal kingdom and focusing on humans, we see that humans are prone to many behaviors-murder, rape, theft, deceit, etc.-that could be called “natural,” yet that are not endorsed by most people. So simply showing a behavior to be natural is not the same as showing it to be right (although one wonders how Darwinists draw a distinction).

Furthermore, the entire idea of what is “natural” hinges on one’s idea of the origin of nature. If all nature is random, and if humans share common ancestry with all other living things (and, theoretically, non-living things), then it is understandable for humans to try to justify behavior as “natural” by showing that animals behave in the same fashion.

But if humans were created in the image of God, separate from animals, then what is “natural” for us—in the sense of “how God created us”—is to obey Him.

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