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Hater. Homophobe. Bigot. As our culture’s moral foundations crumble around us, many Christians are intimidated by those words. They know they need to do something about rampant moral corruption, but they’re not sure what or how. How can we share the truth about homosexuality without appearing to be unloving—or worse, actually acting in unloving ways?

In his new movie, Audacity, Ray Comfort and the team at Living Waters Publications hope to inspire and equip Christians with answers to those questions. Through drama and live interviews, Audacity shows examples of how Christians can express love and truth simultaneously, even with this emotionally charged topic.

In the movie, Peter (Travis Owens) struggles with how to answer uncomfortable questions while living out his Christian faith. His encounters with nonbelievers and homosexuals show truth and love in action. Woven into Peter’s story, unscripted man-on-the-street interviews by Ray Comfort show Christians a simple line of reasoning to answer tough questions in a loving way.

The key to reaching the lost, no matter what their sin, is genuine, self-sacrificing love. Love cares more about the individual than about our own feelings or freedoms. Love shows up in our actions long before we say a word. Without genuine love for the homosexual, our witness will be no more effective than a sounding gong or clanging cymbal.

“I think this movie is going to dumbfound a skeptical world by showing how uncompromising Christianity can indeed demonstrate uncompromising love.”

Ray Comfort wanted to inspire his fellow believers to reach homosexuals in their own spheres with Spirit-led acts of love and kindness. “I think this movie is going to dumbfound a skeptical world by showing how uncompromising Christianity can indeed demonstrate uncompromising love,” Comfort says.

Watching Audacity reminds us that biblical love continues to show its power in our fractured world. It’s also a good movie to share with other believers to show how they can reach out to the lost.

Of course, not everyone will listen, even when our love for them is unmistakable. Some mocked when Paul spoke on Mars Hill in Acts 17, while others listened without committing right away. But Christians still want to warn them, knowing that all sinners will be judged by the Almighty God one day, and some may repent and believe.

It is not prideful audacity that motivates Christians to speak up, but fear of God and holding the Bible in highest regard. As Peter realizes in the movie, when souls are at stake, love can’t stay silent.

Audacity is available as a free download on YouTube. It can be also be downloaded or purchased on DVD from and other retailers.

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