Drawing Lesson II: Teaching Children Concepts of Creation

on March 8, 2002

Which came first-dinosaurs or birds?

Use the basic shapes in this template as a guide to help you draw this picture.

An accompanying animation demonstrates the drawing progression for this lesson.

Drawing tips.

The goal is to make the first part of the drawing entertaining for kids to watch, and use the latter part to teach them Biblical truths. Please don’t feel like you need to follow my examples exactly-adapt this drawing as you see fit, e.g. draw the various aspects in a different order.

The purpose of this lesson is to get the kids to think through what the Bible says about the origins of dinosaurs and birds, versus what they have been taught in schools and the public media.

Step one:

Step 1

Use the dotted outline art provided as a guide to draw this week’s lesson.

You can either print the outline onto an overhead and draw over it to finish the dinosaur and bird, or draw a light copy of the outline on the chalkboard in preparation for drawing it for the class. If you practice drawing this lesson enough ahead of time, you may not need to use the guide at all.

Steps two through four:

Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Begin the drawing, and have the kids watch and guess what it is. If someone gets it right, wait until you are finished before confirming what it is. It will keep the rest guessing.

“Yes, it’s a dinosaur. A T. rex or Tyrannosaurus rex.”

“Does the Bible tell us anything about this animal? Hmmmm.”

Steps five and six:

Step 5 Step 6

Draw the bird. The kids will guess this one pretty quick.

“Does the Bible tell us anything about this animal?”

“Actually, the Bible gives us information on both dinosaurs and birds.”

Genesis 1:20-23 tells us God made the flying creatures on Day 5.

That includes the birds. Birds were created on Day 5.”

Genesis 1:24-31 tells us God created the land animals on Day 6.

Dinosaurs are land animals, so this included dinosaurs. Therefore, dinosaurs were created on Day 6.”

“Which came first, the birds or the dinosaurs? Birds!”

“How do we know birds came first? Our Creator told us in His Word.”

“Some evolutionists say dinosaurs came first and then they turned into birds. Are they right? No.”

“Why not? Because God’s Word tells us the flying creatures were created before the land animals.”


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