Youth Volunteer Policy


How do I become a volunteer?

AiG and the Creation Museum have a history of equipping and encouraging youth in their walk toward maturity, although this walk is primarily the responsibility of parents. Youth volunteers are in no way to be used for “child labor” but to facilitate physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

This policy is designed to delineate the requirements for youth volunteer participation at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Youth safety and supervision are of utmost importance while participating on our campus. For the purpose of this document, youth are defined by ages 11–17.

  1. Youth ages 15–17 are allowed to volunteer only if accompanied by a responsible and security approved adult with a ratio of no more than 6 youth per adult supervisor.
  2. Youth ages 11–14 are allowed to volunteer only if accompanied and assisted by a responsible and security approved adult (preferable a parent) with a ratio of one youth per adult.
  3. All youth must complete the online volunteer application.
  4. Projects for youth volunteers must be approved in advance by the volunteer coordinators.
  5. Parental permission and proper insurance are required for each participant.
  6. For volunteers under the age of 18, any parents and chaperones accompanying the volunteers must submit to a background check.
  7. All youth and leaders must abide by the rules of the museum, including proper dress code.


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