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Our mission at Answers in Genesis is to boldly proclaim the absolute authority and truth of God’s Word to the church and the culture. We’re also dedicated to boldly sharing the good news of the gospel with lost individuals. You can help us with our mission in many ways, including through planned giving.

Planned giving allows those in the US to financially support us and often allows for substantial tax savings as well. For example, there’s a “Gift and Sale” plan. This means that an asset (e.g. stocks or land) is sold and a portion of the proceeds go to you while part is gifted to AiG. This allows you to both receive the charitable tax deduction and offset capital gains tax. You also get to be part of what God is doing here at AiG, spreading the message of biblical authority and the gospel. Your gift will have an eternal impact.

We appreciate your ongoing prayers and financial support, which enable us to continue our mission of impacting the culture with the truth of God’s Word and calling the church back to the authority of the Scriptures, all for His glory and honor. You can learn more about this and other planned giving strategies and how you can partner with us at


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