Giving with Blended Gifts


We are thankful for the many men, women, and families who support Answers in Genesis because they want to see the church stand on the authority of God’s Word and the gospel boldly proclaimed. We can do what we do because of our supporters and their generosity.

When making a gift, many donors assume that they have to choose between making a sizeable gift today or making their gift later in their lifetime. But there is actually a way to receive the advantages of both kinds of gifts. We call these “blended gifts” because they include two parts.

In the first part, you start by making a current gift of cash, securities, or real estate, which allows you to see your gift at work and receive immediate tax benefits. In the second part, you use a planned giving method (maybe a bequest, charitable trust, or gift annuity) to make a deferred gift—choosing the one that works best for your situation so that you can maintain flexibility in the event of unanticipated needs.

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