Creative and Beneficial Ways to Give to AiG

on ; last featured November 5, 2016

We are so thankful for the men, women, and families who have supported Answers in Genesis over the past two decades, not only Americans but also Christians all over the world. We would not be where we are today—with a world-class Creation Museum, a ministry across America, an ever-growing international outreach, the Ark Encounter, a Sunday school curriculum, and a yearly Vacation Bible School (VBS)—were it not for the generous and faithful support of people like you from around the world.

Well, if you are in America and appreciate the work we do here at AiG and would like to partner with us financially to help spread the message of biblical authority and the gospel, then perhaps our endowment fund is right for you.

Our endowment fund is one of the ways we financially sustain our mission and work. Here’s how it works: the principal of the endowment is kept wholly intact while the annual earnings—usually income and some of the capital growth—are used by the ministry to fund projects and meet specific needs.

There are four different ways to contribute to our endowment.

  1. Charitable life estates. With this choice you can gift your home, vacation property, or farm to our endowment. You can give the gift now but continue to enjoy your home or property for years to come. Though the property is removed from your estate, when you deed us your property, you can add the provision of continued use throughout your lifetime. And you’re entitled to a charitable income tax deduction. In the future, we can either sell or make use of your property to further our mission.
  2. Bequests. Another option—and one of the easiest and most convenient—is a bequest. Through your will or trust, you can bequest a certain dollar amount, a specific asset (maybe a painting or a fine piece of jewelry), or a percentage or the residue of your estate. Now, bequests are especially convenient because they are revocable, giving you the opportunity to change your plans.
  3. Beneficiary designation gifts. In addition to bequests through your will or trust, you also have the option of using “beneficiary designations” for assets such as life insurance policies, IRA or 401K retirement accounts, or brokerage or bank accounts. This is usually the easier option. Instead of going through an attorney and updating your will, you simply fill out a beneficiary designation form provided by your account administrator. With this option you get several nice benefits. You avoid the costly and time-consuming probate process, and, if your estate is taxable, you will receive a charitable deduction that will save you estate taxes and will avoid income taxes on some assets (such as retirement plans or annuities). Best of all, it’s quick and easy to do. You only need to fill out a brief form provided by your account administrator.
  4. Charitable life income. This option includes plans such as the charitable gift annuity or the charitable remainder trust. These allow you to make a future gift that will bless us, while protecting and even enhancing your current financial situation. When you give a charitable gift, you receive lifetime payments for both you and your spouse, generate a current income tax deduction, bypass a portion or even all of the capital gains tax on appreciated assets, and you make a future gift to leave as a legacy for generations to come.

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