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How many people find unexplored jungle waterfalls, ocean reefs, swamps, and bizarre animals within reach of their front door? Most of us see such untouched beauty only in nature documentaries. But for Mike and Libby Wild’s sons, these exotic scenes and animals are part of everyday life.

Instead of enduring the evolutionary worldview of most nature programs, how about exploring Papua, Indonesia, with four young guides who are wild about God and His creation? The Wild Brothers: Adventures in Creation is a new reality-based DVD series produced by Answers in Genesis that captures the wonders of the scenery, animals, and people of Papua through a Creator-honoring lens. Episode 1, to be released this April, introduces this irrepressible missionary family and their exotic world.

Mike and Libby Wild, along with Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher, are bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to an isolated people group in Papua. Mike and Libby began by teaching the Wano people to read and write their own language when their oldest son, Morgan, was six. Since 2010, they have been teaching them the Bible, starting in Genesis.

Sixteen-year-old Morgan, who narrates most of the video, explains that Genesis 1–11 is the foundation for a proper understanding of God and the universe. The first eleven chapters of the Bible tell why we wear clothes, why the world is covered in sedimentary rocks and fossils, why there are different people groups, and lots more.

Papua is breathtaking, but it’s still part of a fallen creation, where sickness and death taint everyday life. Most Wano women have lost multiple babies, and deadly fighting sometimes breaks out between tribes. The Wilds and their partners, the Ingles family, have brought some modern medicine to the tribe, but more important, they have brought news of a forever home with no pain or death. Genesis history explains how we got into the mess we are in—through Adam’s sin and the resulting Curse—and the Wilds are able to share the great news that Jesus became flesh to suffer the penalty for our sins by His death.

In keeping with their otherworldly life and their creative homeschool education, the Wild Brothers have adopted countless unusual pets. Hudson introduces us to Newt, the oatmeal-loving spotted cuscus, and KFC, their inquisitive but not-too-bright northern cassowary. Both of these remarkable young animals were orphaned, and Hudson explains that providing for them is good stewardship as God’s caretakers of the natural world.

Episode 1, “Welcome to Our World” is packed with breathtaking scenery, fascinating people and animals, and the creation-based biblical worldview. Share the adventure of building a home with hand tools on a remote mountaintop accessible only by foot or helicopter. In new episodes every quarter for the next two years, you’ll follow this amazing homeschooling family as they learn about God’s creation in a huge, unexplored natural classroom far away from TV and other distractions.

Get ready to be inspired by the Wild family’s passion for the gospel and love for their Creator, and the unique ministry He has given them in Papua.

To follow the four Wild brothers and their parents, visit our special website www.thewildbrothers.com

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