United Church Allows Atheist Pastor to Remain in Pulpit

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A minister in the United Church, a theologically liberal denomination in Canada, has reached a settlement with the denomination that allows her to continue pastoring despite her professed atheism. The reason? A desire by the denomination to “dance” between their core values of faith and inclusiveness.

The leader of that denomination said of the church’s core values of “faith in God and inclusiveness”:

The dance between these core values, how they interact with and inform each other, is one that we continue to explore as followers of Jesus and children of the creator… As a Christian church, we continue to expect that ministers in the United Church of Canada will offer their leadership in accordance with our shared and agreed upon statements of faith.

Leaders are allowing one of their churches to be led by someone who doesn’t even believe in God, let alone profess Christ

He claims they are a “Christian church” and yet leaders are allowing one of their churches to be led by someone who doesn’t even believe in God, let alone profess Christ, which is the defining mark of a Christian! Such a person is anti-Christian. There’s no neutral position in this regard. This church situation is no surprise considering how liberal this particular denomination is—the gospel hasn’t been preached in most of those churches in a long time. It’s yet another example of the decline of the church in the western world.

But why would she even want to be a “pastor” in a denomination she doesn’t agree with? Her religion is atheism, not Christianity. And unlike Christianity, her religious worldview offers no ultimate hope, meaning, or purpose. If she’s going to be consistent with her beliefs, she really has no other message than “you’re nothing more than an animal, an accident of evolution, there’s no right and wrong, and when you die that’s it.” She can certainly choose to preach a different message, but she does so inconsistently.

This “pastor” is an atheist and therefore will sadly “suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might" (2 Thessalonians 1:9) unless she repents and trusts in Christ. It appears she wants to destroy the faith of others and take as many as she can with her and away from God. We pray she repents and puts her faith in Christ before it’s too late.

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