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After the death of renowned evangelist Billy Graham earlier this year, headlines appeared asking questions such as, “Will there ever be another Billy Graham?” Well, I don’t believe there will be another evangelist like Reverend Graham in our culture as it is today (more on why below). And that’s why I’ve written my brand-new book, Gospel Reset.

Now, why don’t I believe we will have another evangelist like Billy Graham in this nation? Because today’s culture is nothing like the culture he spoke to in past decades! The approach he used, preaching a message that began with repentance and putting your faith and trust in Christ, was very effective in its time. But, while the message hasn’t changed, our approach to delivering this message to a lost world must.

A Culture That Doesn’t Understand

Our culture doesn’t understand that they were created by God and that they are therefore accountable to him. They don’t understand that, because God’s Word can be trusted, what it says about salvation can be trusted too. They don’t understand what sin is, so they can’t understand their need for repentance and salvation. We can’t just start with a message of repentance anymore.

We can’t just start with a message of repentance anymore.

First, we need to go back to the beginning and explain the origin of sin and death, establishing the Creator God as the one true God and defending the truth of God’s Word. Only after this can we clearly present the gospel message! In fact, for many, we need to answer their questions about the “book” (the Bible) itself, as so many today believe science has supposedly proved the Bible is a book of mythology.

I explain why we need a new approach to evangelism, and how to go about it, in my new book Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant. I encourage you to read this book yourself and pick up a copy for your pastor, youth pastor, Sunday school leaders, and others. (To get it into everyone’s hands, we offer bulk pricing.) I truly believe this will be a powerful new resource.

An Exclusive Offer

Also, make sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer: when you purchase the hardcover book online, you'll get a bonus video download of my talk, Communicating the Christian Message in a Secularized Culture from the recent reEngage conference—in addition to saving $3 on the book.

I shared a little bit about this new book at the beginning of Answers News, our twice-weekly live news program broadcast over my Facebook page from the Creation Museum. You can watch that at the top of this page.

I also chatted with David Chakranarayan, the head of our international department, about why I wrote this book and what it’s all about. I encourage you to watch this interview:

Take advantage of our exclusive offer mentioned above by ordering your copy of Gospel Reset on this page for the introductory price of just $11.99.

Or get it as a pack with The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years, a book that is really the textbook of our ministry outside of the Bible, explaining how the issue of evolution and long ages has impacted biblical authority.

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