AP: Suit Against God Thrown Out Over Lack of Address


A cantankerous Nebraska legislator’s attempt to sue God was stymied this week by a judge who blocked the suit on account of not knowing God’s home address!

State senator Ernie Chambers filed the lawsuit nearly a year ago, seeking a permanent injunction against God because of the fear and terror He (allegedly) inspired and the “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants” He (allegedly) caused. We would say Chambers actually lacks a fear of God, however.

Unsurprisingly, the suit was filed as a sort of publicity stunt. The Associated Press reports that Chambers wanted to “make the point that everyone should have access to the courts regardless of whether they are rich or poor.”

This week, District Court Judge Marion Polk ruled, “Given that this court finds that there can never be service effectuated on the named defendant this action will be dismissed with prejudice.” In other words, since the defendant can’t be served papers, it’s not a valid lawsuit (per state law).

Chambers apparently considers this a victory, since he claims “the court itself acknowledges the existence of God”—even though it seems clear Judge Polk was likely merely trying to find a clever way to dismiss the suit. The Associated Press coverage concludes by noting that Chambers, a long-time fixture of the Nebraska state house, “skips morning prayers during the legislative session and often criticizes Christians.” We’re none too surprised!

But while this weird news borders on humorous, it’s likewise quite sobering to see such flippancy and lack of fear of God. We presume Sen. Chambers is atheistic, and thus doesn’t take the situation seriously. Sadly, we know he is indicative of a growing segment of American society (Bill Maher comes to mind), all of whom are in need of God’s saving grace.

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