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Biblical History

The nation’s largest professional Christian theater presents quality productions of key Bible stories, presenting the gospel to the unsaved and encouraging Christians in their walk with the Lord.

Ronks, Pennsylvania

Branson, Missouri


Where can your family see the Garden of Eden as it was created, watch Noah build the Ark, experience the first Christmas, and witness Resurrection morning?

Sight & Sound Theaters is a Christian drama company dedicated to visualizing and dramatizing the Scriptures. Just as the Lord Jesus illustrated truth by stories, Sight & Sound Theaters allows their guests to see biblical events acted out on stage.

By presenting professional-quality productions of key Bible stories, they strive to present the gospel to the unsaved and to encourage Christians in their walk with the Lord. Sight & Sound has locations in Strasburg, Pennsylvania (the nation´s largest professional Christian theater), and in Branson, Missouri. They also offer behind-the-scenes tours, which allow guests to see what a massive undertaking these productions really are.

It is a good idea to visit Sight & Sound´s website ( before making plans to visit since show availability varies with the theater location and the time of year.

Sight & Sound Theater - Branson

Points of Interest

Bringing the Bible to Life

Shows change constantly, so check to see which shows are playing at each location.


Photo courtesy of Sight & Sound Theaters

Miracle of Christmas

Looking for a way to keep Christ the focus of your Christmas celebrations? The Miracle of Christmas show, hosted every winter at both locations offers some contemporary Christmas cheer before transporting visitors back in time to witness the realistic and engaging presentation of the Nativity, which includes dozens of Bible characters and live animals.

Miracle of Christmas

Photo courtesy of Sight & Sound Theaters

Helpful Tips

  • Before taking your children to Sight & Sound, review the production´s story with them. They will enjoy it more if they are already familiar with the theme.
  • Consider taking advantage of one of Sight & Sound’s package deals.
  • If some of your friends are also interested in seeing a Sight & Sound presentation, you might qualify for a special group rate. Groups of 15 or more should visit the website for conditions.
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