Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Natural History

Study the variations within created kinds as you take in the outstanding post-Flood mammals display with many fossil horses, rhinos, and mammoths. Also includes an impressive display of dinosaurs.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you´re visiting the Pittsburgh area this year, consider a stop at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, whose spectacularly redesigned Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit is one of the premier dinosaur exhibits in the country. You will also find an astonishing variety of other species from the past, as well.

Gemstone enthusiasts will enjoy the Hillman Hall of Mineral and Gems; children can dig for fossils in Bonehunter´s Quarry; and the Discovery Room is full of touchable fossils and minerals. Be sure to catch a show in wrap-around Earth Theater, or grab a snack at the Fossil Fuels snack bar.

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is a great place to view groups of animals within a created "kind," so be sure to put on your biblical glasses!

Points of Interest

Everyone Loves Those "Terrible Lizards"

The Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit is the highlight of a visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. With 19 dinosaur skeletons, it is the third largest collection of mounted dinosaurs in the country, and a great place to study the created "kinds" of dinosaurs. Your children can dig for fossils at Bonehunters Quarry, and you can watch specimens being prepared for display in the PaleoLab.


A Horse Is a Horse

In the Hall of Ice Age Mammals you'll find alleged fossil ancestors of modern horses, llamas, rhinos, and dogs. This is a great place to point out to your children that horses and dogs have always been horses and dogs, even if they look very different, and how animals have adapted to their environments after the Flood using information that God had already programmed into their genes.


Put Down Some Roots

A visit to Botany Hall will help you and your children appreciate the incredible diversity of plant life, from the Florida Everglades to the Arizona desert. Plants are as diverse as animals, and a great way to study "kinds." Also on display is an exhibit on how people have used plants in food, medicine, and industry, a great lesson in our stewardship of the earth's resources and God's incredible provision.


Helpful Tips

  • For more information, see the Carnegie Museum of Natural History site, at
  • Ticket prices also include admission to the Carnegie Museum of Art, which includes American and European paintings, architecture, and sculpture, as well as modern art forms such as film.
  • Getting hungry? You have your choice of two cafés, as well as local restaurants.
  • For history and archaeology buffs, the museum also has exhibits on ancient Egypt and Native American cultures.
  • While in Pittsburgh, be sure to visit some of the numerous historical sites, or take a cruise on the river.


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