Jules H. Poirier

Specialist design engineer (aeronautics and electronics)

on November 5, 1997

Jules H. Poirier is a professional designer who became converted to Christ ‘by reading the Bible’

Jules Poirier next to a Gemini space capsule

Jules H. Poirier (pictured next to a Gemini space capsule) has worked for the U.S. Navy, Ryan Aeronautics and the Electronics Division of Convair, as a senior electronic design specialist engineer for some high-powered defence and space projects. During his professional career, Jules Poirier was responsible for many design solutions and innovations which helped the U.S. defence forces and the space program. For example, the Saturn radar pulse altimeter and other navigational equipment, including special circuits used in the Apollo moon missions (several of these are still on the moon). He studied electrical engineering, physics and mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley.

As a professional designer, Jules, who became converted to Christ “by reading the Bible”, has long been fascinated by the incredible design features of the monarch butterfly, including the navigational feats in the article on this page. He is is author of the book From Darkness to Light to Flight: Monarch—the Miracle Butterfly. His recent book for families is called The Life and Adventures of Monica Monarch (Master Books, Green Forest, Arkansas, 1997). In addition to cartoons, it features full-colour photography (including scanning electron micrographs).

See also his article “The Magnificent Migrating Monarch” from Creation magazine


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