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Student and Parent Educational Opportunities During COVID-19 Downtime

Part 2: Generations and CHEC

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Back in October, I blogged about my then-upcoming video interview for the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit, hosted by Homeschool Summits. I also recorded a video for its Curriculum Summit earlier this month

I love talking about the family and discussing what the Bible clearly teaches about raising godly offspring.

The two main curriculum providers for these summits have some great online resources of their own.

As I mentioned in the previous Student and Parent Educational Opportunities blog, during this time of inactivity due to the COVID-19/coronavirus situation, homeschooling, or online schooling from home, both parents and students are looking for additional resources to do school projects or reports. Or perhaps they are looking for biblically based intellectual stimulation just to fight the doldrums of social distancing made necessary by the virus. Well, the two main curriculum providers for these summits have some great online resources of their own.

Generations is one of these curriculum providers. It has an extensive listing of free resources, including blogs, articles, podcasts on apologetics and family discipleship, devotions (many of which are available on its smartphone or tablet app), as well as a multi-discipline curriculum and online bookstore products. Generations also participates in local and national Christian education conferences.

Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) is another curriculum provider, particularly for those of you living in Colorado. I frequently mention how organizations that have a weak position on creation usually are covering up their drift away from biblical authority. But I must say, CHEC has one of the strongest online Position Statements on Creation I’ve seen outside of AiG.

CHEC has numerous online resources, including blogs, FAQs, homeschooling tips, and it even publishes a free homeschool magazine for Colorado homeschool families. CHEC also participates in several statewide education conferences and has a Colorado Civics Curriculum. It also has a US History-themed Future Statesman curriculum.

While we wouldn’t necessarily agree with every resource these two curriculum providers offer, they make excellent starting points for parents looking for tools to grow their children (and themselves) during this trying time. I encourage you to check out the Generations site and, especially if you live in Colorado, the CHEC site too.

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