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by Ken Ham on October 5, 2019
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If you’re a homeschool parent, I hope you can join me for the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit, an online event hosted by Homeschool Summits. Homeschooling graduates and parents Danny and Megan Craig will be interviewing me as part of their six-day summit, October 14–19, 2019. And you can watch all of the sessions (over 20, featuring a variety of different speakers) live for free!

Here’s what Homeschool Summit says about this upcoming event:

Homeschooling forces you to fight out relational battles, whether you like it or not. But conflict and challenges are the perfect place for us to learn to walk as Christ did . . . if we can hold our tongues long enough to look to the Word! So block off your calendar, prepare your heart, and get ready to be charged with a high calling: The Family Relationships Summit will urge (and equip!) you to find God’s wisdom for your closest relationships so you can communicate with truth and grace, strengthen your family’s unity even through conflict, and lead your family to become a world-changing force for the kingdom of God. Are you ready?

When you tune in live, you can enjoy the sessions free of charge. But don’t worry if you miss some of them: for one low price, you can purchase an all-access pass that allows you to view all the content at your leisure. I’m excited to be speaking at this event, encouraging homeschool parents with the truth of God’s Word and biblical authority.

You can register for this exceptional free event at HomeschoolSummits.com, where you’ll find a full schedule and other event details. I encourage you to mark your calendars and be part of this exciting live teaching event. You’re sure to be inspired!

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