One Million Praying for Ten Million


November 23rd, 1998 is the 402nd anniversary of the Kiristan Holocaust. A time when nearly one million Japanese Christians were massacred and the cause of Christ set back for hundreds of years to come.

Please pray that Japan will begin to experience spiritual awakening and revival like never before. Ask God to bring Japanese to a saving knowledge of Himself through Jesus Christ. Please pray for Japanese believers. Asking God to help them share their faith with a new vigor and joy. Ask God to remove the spiritual strongholds and barriers to the Gospel that have been in place for 400 years.

Please also pray for Answers in Genesis as we work with the Japanese church to open a branch in Tokyo. Ask that we may serve the Church in Japan and help strengthen our brothers and sisters in Japan.

Every morning over 10,000 Korean Believers face Japan and pray for the spiritual awakening of their one time oppressor. The largest church in the world is in Seoul, Korea—just over 750,000 members, around the same amount of believers in all of Japan—the Pastor of that church has said that God has given him a vision for ten million Christians in Japan by the year 2,000. Many Christian leaders around the world are sensing God's Spirit is preparing to move in Japan.

Imagine what kind of effect this could have on Asia, for that matter the World! It is reported that Japan has the largest number of missionaries in the world but still has one of the lowest percentages of believers of any country. Japan is in need of your prayers.


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