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Away in Pennsylvania

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I was in Pennsylvania all last week, speaking at Spruce Lake Retreat Center. Located in Canadensis, Pennsylvania, Spruce Lake is an amazing facility for conferences and retreats. Many families return year after year—not only for the family fun, but also for the music and the teaching provided there.

I was able to speak once a day for the entire week, focusing on the core message of Answers in Genesis. That message is, of course, biblical authority. I was able to spend lots of time answering questions. Several people came to me and remarked that they were greatly encouraged that my messages were so evangelistic. They were thinking that the talks were going to be only about creation versus evolution. “You kept leading us back to Jesus!” was the sweetest comment of the week.

I’m pretty much the Lone Ranger this week, as most of the Outreach team is in Tennessee at our Defending the Faith Conference. I’ll be speaking at the Museum several times while I’m home. I’ll also try to catch up on the backlog of writing projects that seem to be ever growing.

Next weekend, I’m heading back to Georgia to finish a series of conferences at Maysville Baptist Church.

Keep on praying!

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