Global Warming and the Totalitarian Scientific Inquisition

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An enlightening July 20th blog on global warming by Melanie Phillips, a British journalist, reveals inadvertently what creationists are up against in the battle for truth over the question of origins. I’ve interspersed comments about creation and evolution into her indented remarks about global warming.

Her article begins as follows:

I am open-mouthed. The BBC Trust is recommending that its journalists ditch balance for propaganda.

A report being published today has apparently decided that the BBC no longer needs to interview man-made global warming sceptics because there is a consensus on this issue that the theory is true.

Its conclusions are said to be based in part on recommendations by the geneticist Professor Steve Jones. Astonishingly, he is said not only to have found no evidence of bias in the BBC’s output on climate change, but suggests that on issues like this where he says there is a “scientific consensus” – also including the MMR vaccination and genetically modified crops – there should be no need for the BBC to find opponents of the mainstream view.

This is as terrifying as it is outrageous. First of all, the claim that there is a consensus on man-made global warming is itself false. The wickedly cynical propaganda strategy to promote this false belief in a consensus was described in an eye-opening blog post by James Delingpole in the Telegraph last year . . .

The media and scientific establishment’s leadership are not only suppressing scientific evidence that refutes the global warming agenda. They are doing the same to any scientists (young-earth creationists or Intelligent Design proponents) who raise biological and genetic scientific objections to microbe-to-microbiologist evolution. And they are trying to silence or slander any scientists (young-earth creationists) who raise geological and astronomical scientific objections against the consensus view that the earth and universe are billions of years old. It is a complete myth, generated by the media and scientific establishment, that young-earth creationists are not real scientists with real and significant scientific reasons for rejecting evolution and millions of years.
There is no consensus on man-made global warming. There are in fact hundreds of scientists at the very least, amongst them some of the most distinguished in their field, who are sceptical about the theory. Some of them, such as the meteorologist Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT, have testified to the outright fraud and intimidation used to support the climate change scam. Some have been subjected to professional ostracism, loss of grant funding, vilification and even death threats because they have stood up for scientific evidence against the gross perversion of science involved in what is probably the most intellectually corrupt episode in scientific history. Such wholesale intimidation means that without a shadow of a doubt many more scientists are climate change sceptics than are registered in public debate.
There is also no scientific consensus about evolution and millions of years. There are in fact thousands of MS and PhD scientists around the world who are young-earth creationists. Many thousands more reject molecules-to-man evolution. But most of them remain silent because of the professional and occupational dangers of doing otherwise. As shown by the movie Expelled and Jerry Bergman’s book, there is tremendous persecution of those who make public their skepticism about evolution and even greater opposition to those who deny evolution and millions of years.
This is nothing less than a totalitarian agenda. Indeed, why stop at science? If “consensus” dictates what is to be reported, and consensus is itself subjectively determined on the basis of the presumed weight of expert opinion (which can never be truly known) or the presumed agreement of the population (which can never be truly known), then it follows that on issues such as abortion, membership of the EU or immigration (on which even the BBC has been forced to admit it got public opinion terribly wrong) the BBC would similarly see ‘no need’ to allow alternatives to chattering-class opinion to be heard.

A free society requires toleration of dissent. Progress depends upon the recognition that today’s dissent may turn into tomorrow’s orthodoxy. Science is littered with examples of this, from Galileo onwards. Indeed, the idea that a presumed consensus should wipe out dissenting voices is positively anti-science. If science doesn’t have an open-mind, it is no longer science but propaganda. And that is what the BBC Trust is proposing.

The BBC Trust is supposed to be the guardian of the public interest. Its role is to ensure that the BBC adheres to the high standards of its charter. But with this recommendation, the Trust has shown that it will destroy the BBC’s duty of fairness and impartiality and replace it by an Orwellian double-speak on the grounds that there are certain ideas which cannot be challenged. This is not guarding the sacred flame of journalistic integrity. It is a secular Inquisition.

The totalitarian, secular inquisition against young-earth creation scientists has been going on for 200 years, ever since the Scriptural geologists were effectively ignored and eventually silenced in their opposition to old-earth geological theory—which laid the foundation for old-universe, big bang astronomical theory—and Darwinian evolutionary theory.

And why is all this happening? Because science is not the objective unbiased pursuit of truth that most people think it is. Every scientist has a worldview that he brings to his work. And for the last 200 years scientists have been dominated for the most part by an anti-biblical, atheistic, naturalistic worldview. As a result, most of the world has believed a gross lie: millions of years of evolution. And millions of Christians, including most Christian leaders and Bible scholars, have abandoned the clear teaching of Genesis about a literal, six-day creation about 6,000 years ago followed by a global, catastrophic Flood at the time of Noah.

Christians need to wake up to the powerful anti-God bias in science that is turning science into vehicle of double-speak propaganda to manipulate the masses and take away our freedoms. They need to wake up to the “newspeak” going on in most Christian colleges and seminaries that are compromised with evolution and millions of years, as this eye-opening book documents.

We need to stand on the authority of God’s Word and become informed about the scientific evidences that confirm His Word, so that our children and grandchildren, lost neighbors, friends, and co-workers are not deceived by the propaganda and so reject the Bible’s message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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