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This past weekend was very full as I did a creation seminar in Albuquerque, New Mexico. People were very responsive to the eight presentations I made, and I spent a lot time after the talks answering questions. Plus, a lot of resources were purchased.

An older couple came up to me on the last night, and the man said “you radically changed my life.” He had never heard before most of these things that I discussed and had previously thought that the age of the earth doesn’t matter. He realizes now that it does matter.

A man on the board of a recently launched Christian college in Albuquerque (there is only one other small Christian college in the whole state) is going to explore the possibility of having me do some speaking for the college. It holds to the young-earth view, and he wants to expose their students to the kind of lectures I gave.

One of the meetings was a pastors’ breakfast on Monday. My host pastor invited a lot of pastors, but most of them don’t think this question of origins is important, so only two other churches were represented. But they are both key churches in the area, and the senior pastor of one church bought our Christian Leaders’ Pack (three books and two DVDs, especially relevant for pastors, at a very reduced price) for himself and the three other pastoral staff he brought with him. The other pastor is planning a major apologetics conference in 2011 and said, “perhaps we need to add AiG to the program of speakers.” I spoke on “Already Gone: Why We Are Losing the Next Generation,” and the pastors expressed their appreciation for the challenge.

In my two sessions with kids on Monday afternoon, they asked lots of questions—the kinds of questions that we answer in our Answers books for kids and for adults, and the kinds of questions that, if left unanswered, are leading so many youth away from the church into spiritual shipwreck after high school.

The enemy of our souls, Satan, hates these seminars and will do things to keep people away or to distract them while they are there. It is a great battle for truth. Thanks for standing with all of us at AiG by your prayers and giving.


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