Old-earth Geology Refuted

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I would like to draw your attention to two new resources dealing with the age of the earth.

One is an article by John Reed (PhD, geology, and a ruling elder in a Presbyterian church) in response to the old-earth views of eight fellow Reformed geologists (one of whom is Davis Young, emeritus professor of geology at Calvin College). That article is here: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/aid/v5/n1/summary-PCA-geologists (this a short summary of a longer point-by-point rebuttal linked at the end of the second paragraph). There are fatal flaws in the argument presented by the old-earth geologists who are trying to exert their authority to persuade the church to accept millions of years. Reed’s longer article is an excellent refutation that needs to be read by thoughtful Christians.

Also, if you have read any of Davis Young’s works (e.g., Creation and the Flood [1977], Christianity and the Age of the Earth [1982], and/or The Bible, Rocks and Time [2008]), or if you know people who have been influenced by Young to accept millions of years, I would urge you to consider Andrew Snelling’s two-volume (1100-page) work, Earth’s Catastrophic Past (2009). It is very thorough and well documented (but written in a way that non-geologists can understand), and up-to-date in responding to old-earth geological and biblical objections to a young earth. Packed with up-to-date information, it is a sequel to the epic The Genesis Flood (1961), which launched the modern creation movement, and it is organized in a similar fashion—covering both biblical and geological arguments, and responding to both Christian and secular old-earth objections to a recent creation and a global Flood.

Every seminary and Christian college should have this work in the library, and I would strongly recommend that it be in every serious young-earth creationist’s library also. Christian and secular critics of the young earth and global Flood need to read this if they really want to say with intellectual integrity that they have read the young-earth arguments and found them wanting.

Both works show the following:

  1. There are demonstrably false and anti-biblical assumptions controlling geology (as well as astronomy and biology) today that cause most scientists to reject the biblical history in Genesis 1–11. The rocks and fossils themselves do not speak of millions of years. Rather, it is the assumptions used to interpret the rocks and fossils that lead to the millions-of-years idea.
  2. So, what is really at stake in this issue of the age of creation is not science, but rather the authority and clarity of Scripture.

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