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Many times each month, I give a lecture in the Creation Museum (as do the other AiG speakers). Afterward, I go to the museum bookstore to answer questions or autograph books or DVDs. Sometimes people who object to what I said come to talk to me. These range from atheists to Christians who accept millions of years, whether teens or adults. I do the best I can to answer their questions and then point them to a book or DVD to help them more. It is so wonderful to have such a broad range of resources that can answer people’s questions.

Recently, a middle-aged lady told me that my talk on why Genesis is relevant in today’s world brought to tears to her eyes when she realized how she had compromised with millions of years. She took notes in my lecture and took more notes as I answered her questions.

Many of the people come just to say “thank you.” They all say that the museum has greatly encouraged strengthened their faith. Occasionally, I will email them some additional information that they requested. I got this email from a pastor yesterday.

Thank you so much for taking the time to send me the information. Your lecture last Saturday was enlightening, sobering and challenging. It was the first time my family and I attended the Creation Museum and all of us were truly blessed. All of those involved with the planning and running of the museum have truly done a remarkable job. We are planning on going back next year. I will highly recommend the Museum to the people in our church.  I thank God for your stand on the Bible and pray for you and all the staff at AIG for the Lord's wisdom and strength as you serve Him.  1 Cor 15:58

Pastor M., Minnesota

Thanks for your prayers and financial support to help make this ministry possible.


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